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Sims 4 Cottage Living: Learn more about Village Errands


Sims 4 Cottage Living introduced a very handy feature called Village Errands. As its name suggests, you can run all kinds of errands for the villagers and get to know them better.

To start up an errand in Cottage Living, walk up to specific citizens of Henford-on-Bagley (NPCs) and use the “Offer Help with Errands” interaction.

As you run more errands for the villagers and interact with them more often, you’ll unlock new errands. Don’t be afraid to use additional friendly interactions after completing an errand. This will tell your fellow-villagers they can rely on your for new errands.

The errands that you run for them help you earn some cash, discover new features, and earn various collectibles. They can also help you meet wild animals and new villagers.

As EA explains:

If you’re in a helpful mood, you may also help Sims with village errands and learn more about their backgrounds, interests, and what they do around town! Or just for the good rewards, if that’s your bag.

Earn simoleons, resources and upgrade parts

Running errands for the locals may include speaking to gnomes, or spying on strangers to learn more about their romantic lives. Talking about the eccentricities of living in a small village!

However, don’t expected to get a lot of simoleons for running these errands. Actually, the resources and upgrade parts that you can earn (crop seeds, animal feed, Fox-Be-Gone alarms) are more valuable than money.

For example, after successfully completing an errand, you can unlock many useful Livestock Upgrade Parts. You can then use those items to upgrade your chicken coop. Installing Fox-Be-Gone alarms is a really good idea.

Foxes will not only steal the eggs from your coop, they’ll also kill your chickens. So, make sure to install those fox alarms and keep your chickens safe from harm.

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Keep in mind that you cannot have more than three errands active at any given time. If you’re on the same wavelength with your neighbor, you can run all the three errands from the same villager. Or you can do three errands from three different villagers.

Let’s talk about who you can run errands for, and what type of errands you can expect to get.

Who you can run errands for in Sims 4 Cottage Living

You can only run errands for the NPCs, meaning the non-playable characters that have special roles in the game. This means that you can run errands for
Lavina Chopra, the mayor of Henford-on-Bagley, her son Rahul Chopra,
Agnes and Agatha Crumplebottom, Kim Goldbloom, Sara Scott, and Michael Bell.

Each NPC asks you to run a set of errands for them. However, not all of the errands are available at each given moment. If an NPC has no errands for you, come back later.

By the way, only one of your Sims can be working on a certain errand at any given time.

Most of the errands are not repeatable. Here’s what kind of errands each NPC will ask to help them with.

Errand for Lavina Chopra


  • 175 Simoleons
  • An assortment of berries
  • Llama wool
  • Animal treats


  • Catch a fish in Old New Henford’s Lake
    Your Sim needs level 2 of the fishing skill to successfully catch fish.
  • Browse the garden or grocery shop in Finchwick
    Go to the Finchwick townsquare, select the market stalls and open up the menu.
  • Ask the grocery deliverer about their dreams
    Find Rahul Chopra and use the Ask about Dreams interaction.
  • Discuss the grocery deliverer’s dreams with the mayor
    Tell Lavina about Rahul’s dreams.
  • Find the lake in the middle of the Old New Henford neighborhood

Errands for Rahul Chopra


  • 175 Simoleons
  • Postcards
  • Livestock upgrade part
  • Grocery delivery coupon


  • Take a photo outside of Henford-on-Bagley
    Travel anywhere outside Henford-on-Bagley and simply take a photo.
  • Give the photo to the grocery deliverer
    Use the Give Photo interaction on Rahul.
  • Chat about mayor with grocery deliverer
    Use the Chat About the Mayor friendly social interaction.
  • Make a cross-stitch
    Place a Make it Sew Cross-stitch Kit on the lot, and start a cross-stitch hoop.
  • Deliver the cross-stitch to the mayor
    Give the cross-stitch hoop to the mayor.
  • Convey mayor’s feelings to the grocery deliverer
    Tell Rahul that his mother is supportive of his dreams.
  • Give a chocolate pie to the grocery deliverer
    Reach cooking skill level 5, bake a chocolate pie, and give it to Rahul.
  • Give a chocoberry to the grocery deliverer
    Buy some Chocoberries from the grocery shop or the garden shop in Finchwick. Give one to Rahul.

Errands for Agnes Crumplebottom

First round of errands for Agnes


  • 175 Simoleons
  • Grow-fast fertilizer
  • Cross-stitch pattern


  • Another useless tourist
    “What’s this? Who are you? What do you want from me? Oh, you want to help? We’ll see about that.” Agnes doesn’t trust strangers, but that should not come as a surprise.
  • Plant a pumpkin
    Purchase oversized pumpkin seeds, and plant them in a garden patch.
  • Scold grocery owner
    Find Kim Goldbloom at the grocery shop and scold her on Agnes’ behalf.
  • Bring some milk to Agnes Crumplebottom
    Buy some milk at the grocery shop or harvest your cow’s milk. Give a bottle to Agnes by clicking on her and using the Deliver Milk interaction.
  • Not so useless?
    “Well, maybe you aren’t so useless after all. If you really want to prove yourself, I’ve got some even bigger errands for you to do. And don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

Second round of errands for Agnes

Agnes Crumplebottom has more errands for you. Here’s what she wants you do to on her behalf in the second round of errands.


  • 300 Simoleons
  • Cross-stitch pattern
  • Cowplant berry
  • Super grow-fast fertilizer


  • Harvest a homegrown pumpkin
    Harvest the pumpkin from the Another Useless Tourist errand.
  • Deliver a pumpkin to Agnes Crumplebottom
    Find Agnes and deliver the pumpkin to her.
  • Deliver a cross-stitch to Agnes Crumplebottom
    Make a cross-stitch hoop and deliver it to Agnes.
  • Deliver another cross-stitch to Agnes Crumplebottom
    Repeat the previous step, she really likes your hoops.
  • Deliver llama wool of a specific color to Agnes Crumplebottom
    Get a llama and shear them for their wool. Give them special animal treats before shearing to change the wool color.
  • Deliver a jar of mayonnaise to Agnes Crumplebottom
    Reach cooking skill level 3 prepare your own jar of mayonnaise. Use the canning ability to get the job done.
  • Do I gnome you?
    Oh, what’s this? A fresh face? Always lovely to see someone new around the village. Can you be a dear and help me out with some things? I’ve heard that there’s some juicy gossip around but I’ve only got two ears. Can you find a gnome who knows some things, and some Sims who don’t know what they’re missing?”

Errands for Agatha Crumplebottom

First round of errands for Agatha


  • 175 Simoleons
  • Decorative gnome
  • Oversized crop seeds


  • Talk to a gnome
    Click on any gnome statue and select the Talk to interaction.
  • Report gnome gossip to Agatha Crumplebottom
    Walk up to Agatha and use the Report Gnome Gossip social interaction.
  • Deliver a dessert to Agatha Crumplebottom
    Prepare a homemade dessert or buy one and bring it to Agatha.
  • Find two single Sims
    Walk up to random Sims and ask them if they’re single.
  • Report on single Sims to Agatha Crumplebottom
    Return to Agatha and use the Report on Single Sims interaction.

Second round of errands for Agatha

Agatha has some extra matchmaking tasks for you.


  • 300 Simoleons
  • Decorative gnome
  • Flirty potion
  • Super vitality fertilizer


  • Offer Roses to 2 Single Sims
    Find two single Sims and give them the roses.
  • Encourage one Sim who received a rose to flirt with the other Sim
    Click on one of the Sims and encourage them to flirt with each other.
  • Buy Extra Seeds from Agatha Crumplebottom
    Click on Agatha and use the Buy Extra Seeds interaction.
  • Sell 3 harvestable seeds to other Sims
    Use the Sell Seeds To interaction to sell the seeds you just bought from Agatha to other Sims.
  • Buy Extra Plants from Agatha Crumplebottom
    Buy another batch of seeds to sell.
  • Sell 4 harvestables to other Sims
    Click on random Sims and sell them the crops.
  • Celebrate with Agatha Crumplebottom
    Celebrate selling a few crops and playing matchmaker to a few strangers.
  • Too busy
    “It’s lovely to see a new face around these parts, but I’m just too busy right now to make a proper introduction of myself. If you’ve the time and mind to be a help, would you be a dear and grab some of those grocery orders?”

Errands for Kim Goldbloom


  • 175 Simoleons
  • An assortment of eggs, milk, flour, cheese and sugar
  • Animal treat


  • Collect 4 grocery orders
    Use the Collect Grocery Order interaction, and ask other Sims if they need groceries.
  • Relay grocery orders to the grocery owner
    Go back to Kim and tell her more about the grocery orders you got from other Sims.
  • Deliver a dozen white eggs to the grocery owner
    Collect 12 white eggs from your hens and give them to her.
  • Deliver single serving of food to Kim Goldbloom
    Cook a single serving of any type of meal or buy a meal at the bar.
  • Deliver rose to the creature keeper
    The creature keeper lives in the Bramblewoods neighborhood.
  • Give Creature Keeper’s regards to grocery shop owner
    Michael Bell will give you a few mushrooms after you give him the rose. Go back to Kim, and give her the regards of the creature keeper. Keep the mushrooms, you’ll need them later.
  • Signature drink
    My pub’s been rather successful, but I’m always looking for the next big thing. I think I have a lead on a new and exciting drink we could offer here – and only here! But running the pub keeps me busy and I could use a little help. What do you think? Would you like to help make some mixology magic happen?

Errands for Sara Scott


  • 175 Simoleons
  • Drink recipe
  • Some cooking ingredients
  • Freshly prepared meal


  • Deliver a blueberry, a raspberry and a chocoberry to the pub owner
    To learn where you can find berries, see Cottage Living: Where to find blueberries and raspberries.
  • Order and drink a Bagley Berry Fizz sampler
  • Deliver a charming mushroom and a verdant mushroom to the pub owner
    Get the mushrooms and give them to Sara.
  • Order and drink a Verdant and Funk sampler
  • Tell the pub owner which drink to serve
    Pick your favorite drink and enjoy it.
  • Mushroom madness
    “Do you like mushrooms? I love them! There are some really good ones out in these woods and I could use some help foraging them. You seem like a lover of the natural world that surrounds us. Why don’t you stick around and I can show you some of what I know?”

Errands for Michael Bell


  • 175 Simoleons
  • An assortment of produce
  • Flowers
  • Mushrooms
  • Fertilizer
  • Piece of animal clothing that you can use to dress up your animals.


  • Deliver 3 chocoberries to the creature keeper
    Buy chocoberries at the garden and grocery shop market stalls and give them to the creature keeper.
  • Deliver 6 spicy mushrooms to the creature keeper
    Forage around the Bramblewoods, and harvest the mushrooms.
  • Eat mushroom mash
    Your Sim will get a dazed moodlet for the next 4 hours after eating the mash.
  • Talk to a flock of birds while mashed
    Search for a dead tree with small birds around it, and use the Talk to (and Really Listen) interaction.
  • Admit hearing the birds to the creature keeper

Are you ready for more errands? Each NPC has many extra repeatable errands they need help with. Good luck exploring those errands as well.

Enjoy the countryside life!

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