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The Sims 4 Guides: How to Plant Seeds in 3 Steps

how to plant seeds the sims 4

If you have a green thumb in real life, we assume that growing plants is one of the key skills you’re focusing on in The Sims 4.

In this guide, we’ll cover the steps you need to follow in order to plant seeds and grow healthy plants.

Planting seeds in The Sims 4

Step 1 – Purchase a gardener pot or planter box

To purchase garden pots, open the Order Menu and select the pots. Or go to Build Mode > Objects by Function> Hobbies and Skills > Miscellaneous and buy the gardening pots.

You can use gardening pots both indoors and outdoor. Keep in mind that each pot can only hold one plant. If you’re planning on gardening outdoors, you can buy planter boxes. One planter box can hold four plants or one tree.

Step 2 – Buy the seeds

To buy seeds, open the Order Menu and select the seeds you want to purchase. At the beginning, you’ve got 4 options:

  1. Starter Flowers
  2. Starter Fruits
  3. Starter Herbs
  4. Starter Vegetables

Each package will give you random common flowers, fruits, herbs or vegetables. To increase the diversity of your yield, purchase multiple seed packages.

Each new level unlocks different plant seed packets including uncommon and rare plant seeds. For example, Level 4 unlocks the Seasonal Fall and Spring plants seed packets. Starting at Level 7 Gardening Skill, you can purchase Farmer Seed Packs on the computer.

Once purchased, the seed packages will appear in your inventory.

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Step 3 –  Plant the seeds

  1. Drag the seeds from your inventory to the gardening pot, planter box on to the ground.
  2. Select the Plant option and wait until your Sim planted all the seeds.
  3. Water the seeds by selecting the Watering option.
  4. Check your plants regularly and take out the weeds.

Tips for becoming a successful gardener

Can you grow plants indoors in The Sims 4? Sims can successfully grow plants indoors with the help of garden pots. To make sure your plants grow fast, water them regularly and place the pots near a source of light. Use fertilizer to help them grow faster.

Can you buy fertilizer in Sims 4? Players can buy fertilizer in The Sims 4 starting with Level 3 Gardening Skill. As you progress and upgrade your gardening skills, you gain access to additional types of fertilizers such as vegetables, flowers, fruits, herbs, and fish.

What is the best fertilizer in Sims 4? The best possible fertilizer in The Sims 4 is higher level fish but this option is available only when you’ve reached Gardening Skill Level 3. To be able to use fish as fertilizer, you need to improve your fishing skills so as to catch rare fish.

You can also use other plants you previously harvested to fertilize your plants while you’re at Level 1 to 3 of the Gardening Skill.

Why are my plants dying in Sims 4? There are multiple causes as to why your plants are dying in The Sims 4: they didn’t get enough water and sunlight exposure, you didn’t use enough fertilizer or you tool way too many cuttings. To avoid that, try to take only one cut from each plant. Taking anywhere between 2 to 4 cuttings could kill your plants.

Of course, the number of cuttings depends on the type of plants. But if you’re not sure, stay on the safe side and avoid taking more than one cutting.

And now you know.

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