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Sims 4 Cottage Living: Cows can make you a lot of money


Cows have returned to The Sims 4! Cottage Living brings many new animals, and a rich list of new interactions allowing you to take better care of your animals. If you’re planning to build a farm, buying a cow is one of the first investments you should make.

How to purchase a cow in Sims 4 Cottage Living

You can purchase cows from the Animal Shed. Click on the shed to open the list of options, and select Purchase animal. You can buy a brown or spotted cows. Both cost 400 Simoleons. Name your cow and start taking care of the animal.

You can also buy cows from the weekly Finchwick Fair’s. The Cow fair takes place once in a Sim year (4 weeks). If you want to get rid of your cow, you can submit it to the fair and trade it for Simoleons.

How to take care of your cows

  • Make sure their happiness is always up.
  • Use the Socialize and Treat options to ensure your cows are happy. Hug them, pet them, and say nice things to them.
  • As you build your relationship with your cows, you’ll unlock new interactions. For example, you can even tip your cow and make it rain with money.
  • Ensure the shed is always clean. You need to clean it every day. Cows hate filthy sheds.
  • Brush your cows every day. They do get dirty.
  •  If the shed’s not clean, and you fail to brush your cows every day, they might run away.
  • If they’re hungry, you can quickly feed them something by hand.
  • Make sure to milk your cows every day. Hover over them in live mode to check when you can collect the milk.

Cow milk makes you a lot of money

Milk is a top resource. It can bring you a lot of money. Cows produce milk every day, and you get about six bottles of milk from each cow.

You can use milk to cook delicious recipes, make cheese, or you can simply sell it for money. A lot of recipes require milk, so don’t sell all of your bottles of milk.

Depending on your relationship with them, your cows produce different types of milk. So, here’s another important incentive to build a nice relationship with your cow. The treats that you give them also influent the type of milk that they produce.

List of treats you can give to your cow

  • Animal Party Treat adds plus one social for the animal
  • Chocolaty Treat: makes chocolate milk
  • Flirty Treat: use this treat to help your cow make strawberry milk
  • Fishy Protein Treat: adds plus one to next harvest
  • Friendly Treat: boosts your relationship with the animal
  • Fruity treat: makes enriched milk. By the way tipping your cow with money, which will create more Enriched Milk.
  • Golden Treat: use this treat and your cow will make golden honey milk
  • Healthy Treat: this treat increases animals lifespan. Eventually, your cows will die of old age.
  • Midnight Treat: makes obsidian milk
  • Pumpkin Treat: use this treat to help your cow make pumpkin spice milk
  • Rainbow Treat: makes rainbow milk
  • Spicy Treat: makes fire milk
  • Veggie Treat:  makes mighty plant milk. This type of milk is perfect for lactose intolerant Sims.

Happy gaming and take good care of your cows!

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