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Sims 4 Cottage Living: How to grow giant crops really fast


The Sims 4 Cottage Living introduced a bran new type of crops that can make you a lot of money. Growing oversized crops is a very lucrative activity. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about growing giant crops. Let’s jump right in!

How do you grow oversized crops fast in Sims 4?

Step 1 – Select the plot of land

Go to Build/Buy Mode and select the plot of land where you want to plant the seeds. As a quick reminder, you can grow oversized crops only in Cottage Living’s new gardening plots.

Step 2 – Purchase Oversized Crop Seeds

You need special seeds to grow giant crops. Buying regular seeds won’t work. Use the game’s buy menu to purchase the seeds. You can also buy various Oversized Crop Seeds from Agnes and Agatha Crumplebottom. Visit their garden stall located in Finchwick and take a look at their offer.

Step 3 – Buy Oversized Crop Fertilizer

Everything is special about oversized crops. Naturally, you need a special type of fertilizer to help plants produce giant crops. We’ll talk about fertilizers later on.

Step 4 – Plant Oversized Seeds

It’s time to plant the seeds. Use the Plant option to put the seeds into the soil. Now comes the hardest part. You need to take good care of your plants in order to grow the biggest possible crops. If you fail to do that, your plants will wither and die.

Step 5 – Take care of your plants

Water your plants

You need to water your plants daily to ensure they grow fast and produce the best crops. Failure to water your crops daily will result in smaller crops.

Use Oversized Fertilizers

Don’t forget to fertilize your crops daily. Plants need a lot of fertilizer to produce giant crops. You can use different types of fertilizers to encourage your crops to grow bigger.

  • Hyper Growth Fertilizer. This fertilizer gives you the best chances of getting Large Oversized Crops. It’s the best fertilizer option you’ve got.
  • Grow-Fast Fertilizer. Use it if you’re running out of time and you want your crops to be ready for harvest in time for the Fair competition.
  • Hassle Free Fertilizer. This fertilizer can help your plants grow bigger, but it also keeps weed and bugs away.
  • Vitality Fertilizer. Use it to boost your plants’ health.
  • Super Vitality Fertilizer. Use this fertilizer for super healthy plants.

⇒ Quick Tip: Cleaning out the animal sheds and coops sometimes yields a free Vitality or Super Vitality Fertilizer. Use it to grow giant crops.

Take out the weeds and spray for bugs

Make sure to remove the weeds and keep bugs away. These interactions become available whenever your plants need weeding or bugs started bugging them.

Use the “Encourage Crop Growth” option

Use this interaction as often as possible to push your Sims to take care of the crops. Sims will do their best to ensure all the crops’ needs are met.

Reach gardening level 9 as soon as possible

This allows you to unlock an interaction called Tend garden. Taking care of plants and making sure crops grow fast will become a top-priority for your Sims.

Socialize with plants

You can also socialize with your plants to help them grow to their full potential. Here’s what interactions are available:

  • Urge to Romaine Calm
  • Vent About Problems
  • Give Encourage-Mint
  • Share News About Flowery Matters
  • Take Selfie with Crop

Ask bunnies, birds and golden chickens to help you with gardening

Did you know that birds and bunnies can help you upkeep your garden? Befriend these creatures first, and then ask them to help.

Rabbits can help with weeding and fertilizing

Interact with wild rabbits when they show up in your garden. To speed up the process, go to Bramblewood and take a tree stump with a rabbit hole in it. Place it in the garden to encourage rabbits to visit you. Rabbits will eat away the weeds and fertilize the soil.

Wild birds can sing to your crops

Go to Bramblewood, find a dead tree, and befriend the birds flying nearby. Go to Build Mode, and place a dead tree near your garden. Ask the birds to help you with gardening. They will eat away the bugs and sing to your crops helping them grow faster.

Golden chickens can bless your crops

Give one of your hens a golden treat to turn it into a Golden Chicken. Befriend it, and ask it to help you with gardening. Golden chickens can bless your crops helping them grow bigger and faster.

Step 6 – Harvest the crops

It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor (pun intended). If you took good care of your plants, you’ll end up with a Large Oversized Crop. If you did not do your best, you’ll harvest small or medium sized crops.

Here’s what you can expect to harvest:

  • 9 small-sized crops from one garden plot
  • 2 medium-sized crops in one garden plot
  • 1 Large Oversized Crop

Learn everything there is to know about oversized crops in Cottage Living

What to do with oversized crops

Harvest your huge crops and decide what you’re going to do with them. My recommendation is to sell Large Oversized Crops because they bring in a lot of money. You can also submit Large Oversized Crops at the Finchwick Fair’s Oversized Crop Competition. You can win ribbons and various other prizes.

Sell medium sized crops and earn some money. Use small sized crops for cooking and canning.

What happens if you don’t take proper care of crops

If you fail to take proper care of your crops, you won’t harvest Large Oversized Crops. Instead, you’ll only grow Small or Medium Oversized Crops. Of course, you can still use smaller crops for cooking and canning. But if you decide to sell them, they won’t bring in as much money as Large Oversized Crops.

What kind of oversized crops can Sims grow?

There are 5 types of oversized crops that you can grow:

  • Aubergine
  • Lettuce
  • Mushroom
  • Pumpkin
  • Watermelon

How long does it take for oversized crops to grow in Sims 4?

Oversized crops usually take 4 Sims days to grow. When they’re fully grown, the Harvest option will be available for you to select it. You can speed up the growth process by using Grow-Fast Fertilizer.

How much money will oversized crops bring?

The price for oversized crops varies depending mainly on the weight, size, and quality of your crops. A golden chicken’s blessing will help you get a higher price for your crops.

Here’s what you can expect to get after selling your giant crops.


Each unit of medium-sized pumpkins sells for around 200 Simoleans. But really huge pumpkins (Large Oversized Crop) can sell for over 500 Simoleons if they also received a Golden Chicken’s blessings.

Price range for pumpkins:

  • Small Pumpkins sell between 35 to 55 Simoleons
  • Medium Pumpkins usually sell for 100 to 180 Simoleons
  • Oversized Pumpkins are worth 230 to 440 Simoleons


Selling watermelons can bring you a lot of Simoleons, although not as much as pumpkins.

Price range for watermelons:

  • Small Watermelons sell between 30 to 50 Simoleons
  • Medium Watermelons are worth between 85 to 145 Simoleons
  • Oversized Watermelons can sell for 200 to 380 Simoleons


Mushrooms are perfect for vegetarian Sims.

Price range for mushrooms:

  • Small Mushrooms sell for 25 to 40 Simoleons
  • Medium Mushrooms sell for 90 to 150 Simoleons
  • Oversized Mushrooms can sell for 390 to 740 Simoleons


Lettuce is perfect for salads. If you like growing green crops, start planting lettuce seeds in your garden.

Price range for lettuce:

  • Small Lettuce sells for 25 to 40 Simoleons
  • Medium Lettuce is worth 85 to 140 Simoleons
  • Oversized Lettuce can sell for 300 to 580 Simoleons


Price range for aubergines:

  • Small Aubergines are worth 25 to 40 Simoleons
  • Medium Aubergines will sell for 80 to 140 Simoleons
  • Oversized Aubergines usually sell for 200 to 365 Simoleons

Submit giant crops to the Finchwick Fair competition

Harvest your best oversized crops and enter them into Finchwick Fair’s Oversized Crop Competition. You can win a lot of rewards, and the mayor will decide who gets the big prize. Large Oversized Crops have the best chance of winning the competition.

Make sure to harvest your giant crops right on the day the event takes place for maximum freshness. That’s one handy tip you can use to increase your chances of winning the competition.

If you decide to harvest the crop before the event, you need to put it in the fridge to prevent it from spoiling. However, keep in mind that Oversized Crops will still spoil if you keep them in the fridge for too long.

How does Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack influence oversized crops?

Having Seasons installed can sometimes disrupt your farming activities. But the good news is that oversized crops can grow all year round even if you have the Seasons Expansion Pack installed. Bad weather won’t stop your crops from growing. The only thing that can affect them is rain. So, do keep that in mind if you have Seasons installed.

Most likely, EA decided to let oversized crops grow in all seasons to allow players to join the Oversized Crop Competition irrespective of the season.

Best strategies to grow huge crops faster in Cottage Living

  • Keep your plants healthy. Water them daily, weed them, and keep the bugs away. Fertilize them daily using special fertilizers.
  • Reach gardening level 9 as soon as possible. This allows you to unlock an interaction called Tend garden. Use this interaction and your Sims will keep on watering, weeding, and spraying the plants until they’re all taken care of for the day.
  • Keep animals to a minimum. The idea is to have more time to take care of your plants. Taking care of cows and llamas is a time-consuming task. You can focus on raising chickens instead, it takes less time. And you can also breed chickens, unlike cows and llamas.

Did this guide answer all of your questions about growing oversized crops in Sims 4 Cottage Living? If you’ve got other interesting tips to share with the community, hit the comments below.

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