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Sims 4 Werewolves: Meet The Moonwood Collective pack


There are two distinct wolf packs living in Moonwood Mill: The Moonwood Collective and The Wildfangs. If your Werewolf Sim has a laid-back temperament and hates getting into conflicts, you should definitely join the The Moonwood Collective wolf pack.

Pack Members


Kristopher, aka the Cool Guy is the leader of the Moonwood Collective pack. He always puts the group’s interests first when making important decisions. He’s an observer by nature.

Lily loves gardening and singing.

Jacob is good friends with Kristopher. Actually, Jacob is Kristopher’s adopted son.

Wolfgang loves reading. He works as a librarian at the local library. He knows a lot of stuff about wolf life.

Cooperation over competition

Members of the Moonwood Collective pack value tradition and community. They work together towards common goals and value cooperation more than competition. They live in the woods.

They’re aware that being a werewolf is not easy and cooperation between pack members is crucial if they want to thrive. They have the knowledge and skills required to survive in the wild. They have lots of experience and can handle anything that comes in their way.

Pack members greatly value the traditional way of wolf lifestyle. Passing wolf skills to future generations plays an important role in their community.

They live in cozy houses and love taking care of household chores.


By the way, excellent gardening skills will come in handy, so you may want to focus on those as well.

The Moonwood Collective pack also value self-control. Fury is an inherent part of a werewolf’s soul. You can’t make it disappear. The only thing you can do is learn to successfully manage it so as to avoid the nasty episodes where you completely lose control.

As a quick reminder, your Fury level is greatly influenced by your temperament. Certain temperament types make it easier to control it. But when Fury has reached its maximum state, transformation is imminent.

How the Wildfangs perceive the Moonwood Collective pack


The Wildfangs believe the Moonwood Collective pack members actually fear their natural state. That’s why they’re so focused on controlling their werewolf instincts and Fury. That’s something the Wildfangs strongly disagree with.

If you want to join the Moonwood Collective pack, you need to take part in a series of trials to prove yourself worthy of them. Once you get accepted, you can complete a series of additional tasks and prove your leadership skills to rise through its ranks.

Becoming the Alpha wolf leader is not easy. There will always be someone willing to challenge your leadership skills even in this traditional wolf community.

Are you ready to join the Moonwood Collective pack and embrace the full moon? Awoooooo!

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