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The Sims 4 Werewolves: Meet Rory, the toughest Alpha


Rory is the leader of The Wildfangs. She is a tough leader and possesses advanced werewolf abilities. She can transform into a werewolf whenever she wants without having to fill the Fury-Meter. Rory can turn other Sims into werewolves by giving them a Cursed Bite.

Rory’s temperaments

Rory’s got multiple temperaments that dictate her behavior. One of them is Prideful.

She is proud to be a werewolf. However, she doesn’t like being made to feel otherwise. Don’t say anything negative about being a werewolf if you want to become good friends with her.

This temperament makes her gain Fury when feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. She tends to take things personally.

Do keep these details in mind when interacting with her.

Rory’s abilities

If you decide to play as Rory, the following abilities are unlocked by default: Alpha Wolf, Immortal Wolf, Voracious Hunger, Pack Howl, Primal Instincts, Curse Bearer.

Thanks to these abilities, she can:

  • Win most fights and challenges against other werewolves
  • Live forever
  • Devour objects to satisfy hunger
  • Get all the werewolves to start howling
  • Get a Confidence boost by tapping into her instincts
  • Bite other Sims and turn them into werewolves

While you can challenge Rory for the Alpha Rank at any time, you should carefully plan your move. She has the Alpha Wolf ability which makes her almost invincible. Make sure to grow stronger and unlock as many advanced werewolf abilities as you possibly can before challenging her.

Rory and Kristopher

Rory is the adoptive daughter of Kristopher Volkov, the leader of the Moonwood Collective. Their relationship got soured and she eventually moved out to form her own pack.

Rory doesn’t like being around her adoptive father. She’ll get the Very Angry buff when Kristopher is nearby.

Do you think Rory is a cool werewolf? Is there anything you’d change about her? Let me know in the comments below.

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