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The Sims 4 Werewolves: Greg is a tough lone wolf


Who is Greg in The Sims 4: Werewolves?
Greg is a werewolf that lives in the town of Moonwood Mill. His real name is Gregorrius Lunvik. He was one of the Original Mooncasters. His curiosity and obsession to test the limits of Fury threw him into a permanent state of pure anger.

Sims 4 Werewolves introduces a mysterious character named Greg. All the inhabitants of Moonwood Mill agree you should stay away from him if you don’t want to get into trouble.

In Moonwood Mill, there’s always plenty to do (especially if you’re a werewolf). Heed the advice of the locals, though: stay out of Greg’s way and you’ll be okay.

Greg is up to no good. He’s not at all friendly and has quite an unpredictable behavior. He doesn’t like to interact with other people. He’s more of a lone wolf.

There’s also Greg, of course…but we don’t recommend trying to pry information out of him. You wouldn’t want to risk it, right?

Greg lives in a trailer. There are all sorts of werewolf warning signs near his trailer. He probably knows a lot of werewolf lore, but is not willing to share what he knows with strangers.

Greg was one of the Original Mooncasters

Greg was one of the original mooncasters, alongside Maria Volkov, the founder of the Moonwood Collective Pack.

All of the lore pieces indicate that Greg and his late wife, Avelina, imbued themselves with the energy of the werewolves. Things went terribly wrong after Greg started pushing the limits of Fury.


What do you make of that?

How to interact with Greg


Make sure your Sim is feeling good before they meet Greg. They’ll get the Scared and Werewolf moodlets when they’re around him.

Greg does come out by himself occasionally, especially on full moon. He can also show up outside of Moonwood Mill.

If you don’t like that idea, you can go to Game Options and restrict werewolves from showing up in werewolf form outside of Moonwood Mills.

There are three interactions you can use when you meet Greg for the first time:

  • Attempt to communicate
  • Attempt to Distract
  • Provoke


As you get near him, you can also use a fourth interaction: Cry Greg. You’ll see that’s very useful. He’ll often ignore you. He’s not open to chatting.

If you manage to communicate with him, more social interactions will become available. Patience is key, wait until he’s ready to socialize.

Greg will talk about himself and werewolf history if you can get him to talk.

He’s a tough werewolf. He has the Big Bad Wolf temperament which makes him almost invincible. He’ll gladly fight other werewolves and vampires.

He’s also a bit misunderstood.

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Greg’s Diary

If you want to learn more about Greg, you can read his diary which is laying around in Moonwood Mill. Look for The Diary of Greggorius Lunvik.

What is Greg’s Gift?

Greg’s Gift is Greg’s Cursed Bite. After your Sim gets bitten by Greg, they’ll turn into a werewolf within a day or two. Your Sim will also get the Angry moodlet after receiving Greg’s Gift.

To make Greg give you his gift, go to his little shack and investigate the warning signs. He’ll quickly detect your Sim’s presence, start a brawl and give you his gift as a punishment for trespassing.

Does Greg have a human form?

Greg, the Werewolf also has a human form. To see him in his human form, go to the Townies section of the game. He’s a distinguished gentleman in his human form.


If you have  Spooky Stuff installed, you can also check out the picture of one of Greg’s relative, the dashing Lord Lycan.

There were also a lot of speculations regarding Greg before the official Werewolves livestream and pack release. I’ll list the most common ones below.

Greg, the original Werewolf

Could it be that Greg is the original werewolf, father to all? Maybe he’s the one who spread the werewolf virus in the area. He became a lone wolf to avoid infesting other people with lycanthropy.

I don’t think this is a far-fetched theory.

As a matter of fact, many Simmers support this idea.

Perhaps Greg never comes out during the day because he is the original werewolf and a raging beast who can never take Sim form. Sims in surrounding towns have warned others not to visit Moonwood Mill during a full moon because that is when Greg is most active. Perhaps Greg is the one who bit her in the trailer since she was out at night during a full moon

SimGuruNova posted a photo on Twitter showing a lone wolf with black fur standing by a campfire. The caption reads: “Some werewolves just want to watch the world burn“.

Could this be Greg?

Many Simmers initially thought that was a hint to Greg. Well, that was not Greg. SimGuruNova confirmed that was her Simself as a wolf.

Other Simmer suggested Greg could be a werewolf hunter. But if that was the case, why is everybody telling you to stay away from him?

Do you think Greg is the original werewolf? Got a different theory? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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