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The Sims 4 Werewolves: How to level up fast


The fastest way to level up in The Sims Werewolves is to interact with other werewolves and engage in werewolf activities. The interactions that have a wolf icon on them will boost your werewolf skills. Talk to other werewolves, ask  experienced pack members to mentor you, spar with them and join group activities.


Examples of werewolf activities:

  • Howling with the pack
  • Playing tug-of-war
  • Working out together
  • Hunting with the pack
  • Exploring the secret tunnels
  • Contributing to pack resources

Additionally, read werewolf books to learn more about werewolf lore. Books will help you unlock the Lunar Epiphany ability that allows you to decipher encrypted secret notes.

Diving deep into all the  aspects of werewolf life will help you improve your skills and level up really fast.

There are 5 werewolf ranks in The Sims 4:

  • Level 1: Pup
  • Level 2: Runt
  • Level 3: Prime
  • Level 4: Veteran
  • Level 5: Apex

Leveling up allows you to unlock additional werewolf abilities and rise through the ranks. Two out of the five werewolf aspirations available in the game challenge you to become the leader of the pack. In order to become Alpha, you need to challenge and defeat the current leader.

The faster you level up, the quicker you can overthrow the current leader. Depending on the pack you choose to join, that’s either Kristopher or Rory.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to engage in werewolf activities and interact with other werewolves, you can use cheats to level up.


The best way to get werewolf XP fast is by grinding werewolf interactions when in werewolf form. Take wolf naps, scavenge, lick yourself clean, go hunting, smash and scratch things, mark your territory, howl with the pack with you’ll level up in to time.

Did you find other shortcuts to level up fast in The Sims: Werewolves? Let me know in the comments below.

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