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The Sims 4: Werewolf temperaments explained


Temperaments define where a werewolf’s Fury comes from. Inexperienced werewolves typically have one temperament. Seasoned werewolves have more than one temperament. As werewolves rank up, they pick up more temperaments.

Engaging in behavior that conflicts with your temperaments will increase Fury.

You cannot manually select the temperaments your werewolf will have. The game assigns them automatically based on your werewolf’s main traits and actions.

You can’t select temperaments, but you can do certain actions to influence the game’s decision.

There are 22 werewolf temperaments in The Sims 4 Werewolves. Out of these, 18 will appear naturally, and you’ll also get four unique temperaments when using the Lunar Howl ability to re-roll your temperaments.

As SimGuruMorgan explains:

Werewolves gain new temperaments as they level up and grow in power. They have an increased chance to get certain temperaments based on their Sim traits. Ex: Romantic -> ⬆️Frisky. You can reroll with the Lunar Howl ability if you aren’t feeling the ones you have.

Sims 4 Werewolf Temperaments List

Temperament Likes Dislikes Gains Fury
Prideful Being a werewolf Hearing others critique werewolves While embarrassed or uncomfortable
Frisky Playing with other werewolves Morose Sims While Flirty
Wracked with Guilt Torturing themselves with remorseful thoughts Negative criticism While Sad
Wolf Brain Being a werewolf Intellectual and logical pursuits While using their rational brain
Restless Animal Being outdoors Spending too much time indoor When there’s nothing fun to do
Territorial Growing their territory The presence of other werewolves When near another werewolf’s territory
Anti-Capitalist Canine Freedom Constraints and getting a job When forced to join the rat-race
Big Bad Wolf Fighting other werewolves Interacting with other Sims While angry
Night Wolf Prowling with the pack at night time Day time activities After not basking in moon light for a long time
Hates Being Wet Getting dirty, scavenging Water in all forms When wet
Survival Instincts Tranquility Danger in all forms While Scared
Carnivore Raw meat Vegetables When eating anything other than what they hunted
Feels Outcasted Being around other Sims Feeling lonely While low on Social
Must Be Clean Taking tongue-baths and making their fur shine Getting Dirty While low on Hygiene
Hungry Like The Wolf Eating till they drop Not having enough Food While Hungry
Easily Excitable Playing games and watching TV Getting Bored While Playful
Grumpy Wolf Sleeping long hours Feeling Tired, waking up before completing their sleep cycle While low on Sleep
Sensitive Hearing Spending time in the wild or indoors Loud noises, including loud TV, radio and instrument noises While hearing loud noises
Mark of the Night Being able to control Fury

Being active at night time

Losing control Fury decreases and Energy decay decrease with this temperament
Mark of the Forest Being able to control Fury

Roaming in the woods

Losing control Fury decreases and Fun decay decrease with this temperament
Mark of the Wolf Being able to control Fury

Being a werewolf

Losing control Fury decreases and Social decay decrease with this temperament
Mark of the Hunt Being able to control Fury


Losing control Fury decreases and Hunger decay decrease with this temperament

Can I change my Sim’s werewolf temperaments?

To change your Sim’s werewolf temperaments, you need to unlock the Lunar Howl ability. You can then use it to do a special howl at night that will reset your Sim’s temperaments. Alternatively, you can use cheats to altern your Sim’s werewolf temperaments.

Here’s a break down of the werewolf temperaments available in The Sims 4: Werewolves.



Werewolves possessing the Prideful temperament feel a special pride about being a Werewolf. They don’t appreciate being made to feel otherwise. Aside from gaining Fury while embarrassed or uncomfortable, they also might take things a little too personally.



Frisky Werewolves can sometimes get a little hot under the collar when their beast within is looking for some company. Fury gains increase while feeling Flirty.

Wracked with Guilt


Werewolves with the Wracked with Guilt temperament gain extra Fury while sad. They might also feel a silver of remorse for their actions. Sometimes, the weight of this Werewolf curse is just too much to bear.

Wolf Brain


Werewolves that possess the Wolf Brain temperament often have trouble with intellectual or logical pursuits. Their wolf brain is constantly calling and they can’t focus properly.

Restless Animal


The Restless Animal temperament makes werewolves feel constrained while indoors. They need to go out in the woods and engage in werewolf activities. These werewolves will gain Fury if they don’t have anything fun to do.



The Territorial behavior makes werewolves want to claim what’s theirs as soon as possible. They go to great lengths to protect their territory. They also gain Fury when they’re near another werewolf’s territory.

Anti-Capitalist Canine


Werewolves with the Anti-Capitalist Canine often question societal norms. They gain additional Fury when forced to participate in the endless rat-race of werewolf society.

They have trouble adhering to pack values. This temperament goes hand-in-hand with the Lone Wolf aspiration.

Big Bad Wolf


Werewolves with the Big Bad Wolf temperament gain additional Fury while angry. They constantly feel the need to fight other werewolves to keep aggression down.

By the way, Greg, the lone wolf possesses the Big Bad Wolf temperament. That’s why all the Moonwood Mill townies warn you to stay away from him.

Night Wolf

Werwolves with the Nigh Wolf temperament are very active at night time. They are in their element under the Full Moon.

Hates Being Wet


The Hates Being Wet temperament makes werewolves absolutely hate water. They don’t take showers and stay inside when it rains. Werewolves with this temperament gain extra Fury when wet.

Stay away from showers, rain, lakes, and anything that’s wet.

Survival Instincts

A werewolf with the Survival Instincts temperament will gain extra Fury when Scared. Their behavior will quickly become irrational. If they don’t get rid of the Scared buff fast, they’ll turn.



Werewolves with the Carnivore temperament love raw meat. They enjoy eating raw-meat sandwiches and steaks.

For example, Lou Howell has the Carnivore temperament. He loves anything raw-meat.

Feels Outcasted

Werewolves with the Feels Outcasted temperament will gain extra Fury when they’re low on Social. They enjoy hanging out with other werewolves.

This temperament is incompatible with being a lone wolf.

Must Be Clean


Werewolves with the Must Be Clean temperament like taking long tongue-baths to clean their fur. They gain Fury with poor Hygiene.

Hungry Like the Wolf


Werewolves with the Hungry Like The Wolf temperament sometimes get extreme and sudden cravings. They’ll eat anything they can find, including pieces of furniture if they have the Voracious Hunger ability. They quickly gain Fury when Hungry.

Easily Excitable


The Easily Excitable temperament makes werewolves gain Fury while feeling Playful or doing fun activities such as playing games or watching TV. They hate getting Bored.

Grumpy Wolf


Werewolves with the Grumpy Wolf temperament need more sleep to feel fine. If you interrupt their sleep, they’ll get really angry.

Sensitive Hearing

Werewolves with the Sensitive Hearing temperament possess enhanced ears which means they can hear a lot more sounds than their fellow werewolves. Sometimes, the world can become a terrible cacophony. Loud noises cause Fury to rise in them.

The following temperaments are available only for werewolves that have reached the Apex level of being a werewolf.

Mark of the Night


Werewolves with the Mark of the Night temperament have better control over their Fury. Additionally, their Energy decays are reduced.

Mark of the Forest

The Mark of the Forest temperament reduces Fury gains and Fun decays.

Mark of the Wolf

The Mark of the Wolf temperament reduces Fury gains and Social decays.

Mark of the Hunt

The Mark of the Hunt temperament reduces Fury gains and Hunger decays.

Note: This list is not exhaustive. We’ll update it as soon as new information becomes available. Updated on May 17, 2022 to add additional temperaments.

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