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Sims 4 Werewolves: Learn to manage and lower your Fury


All werewolves have one thing in common in The Sims 4: Fury. This emotion is always present inside, boiling until it bursts out in an uncontrollable manner. You can’t make it disappear. What you can do as a werewolf is learn how to manage your Fury and live with it. This is a crucial aspect of every werewolf’s life.

Maximum Fury equals transformation

A werewolf’s fury is growing at all times. If you engage in specific werewolf activities, Fury will increase exponentially making transformation imminent. You can either embrace your werewolf nature or fight your animalistic nature.

Activities that increase Fury include:

  • Sparring or fighting with other werewolves
  • Spending a lot of time in werewolf form
  • Using your werewolf abilities and powers
  • Spending time outside under the full moon
  • Engaging in activities that conflict with your temperament

Temperaments influence Fury gain

Speaking of temperaments, your specific temperament dictates how your Fury may evolve. There are 22 temperaments in The Sims 4: Werewolves. Each temperament has its own specific Fury trigger.

For example, werewolves with the Wracked with Guilt temperament will gain Fury when feeling sad. Werewolves with the Anti-Capitalist temperament will gain fury at work.

Of course, a werewolf with a playful or cuddly temperament won’t get extremely angry that often. They tend to avoid conflicts and fight their animalistic nature.

Fury increases on full moon nights

Your Fury is also affected by the phases of the moon. Werewolves gain Fury on full moon nights.

Once maximum fury is reached, a werewolf will lose control and start to behave in a very aggressive manner. Fury is the only thing that controls their body and mind in those moments.

Once maximum fury is reached, a transformation is imminent! So always be mindful of your fury, because it just might come back and bite you.

The Fury bar is available in the Needs menu. When the Fury orb fills with red, this means that transformation is imminent.

How to lower a werewolf’s Fury in Sims 4

Avoid things that go against your temperament

Each werewolf temperament has a specific Fury trigger. Engaging in activities that go against your temperament will quickly lead to Fury gain.

Stay true to yourself, listen to your werewolf intuition and don’t do things that go against your values.

Unlock the Will to Resist and Lunar Resistance abilities

Werewolves with the Will to Resist ability can take a deep breath and calm down whenever they feel that Fury is about to take over. With some effort, they can regain control during rampaging.

The Lunar Resistance ability is another handy skill that will reduce Fury gain during full moon nights. In this manner, your werewolf is less susceptible to the effects of the moon phases.

Unlock special temperaments that reduce Fury gain

There are four special temperaments in The Sims 4 Werewolves that can reduce Fury gain. These are: Mark of the Night, Mark for the Wolf, Mark of the Forest, and Mark of the Hunt.

To unlock these temperaments, your werewolf needs to level up and unlock the Apex wolf rank.

Toddlers can help rampaging werewolves calm down

You can also lower a rampaging werewolf’s Fury by having a toddlers hug them. The hug will quickly calm angry werewolves down.

Even rampaging werewolves can’t resist the cuteness of werewolf toddlers.

Use Werewolf Empathy to pacify rampaging werewolves

You can unlock the Werewolf Empathy ability to pacify other werewolves. The Pacify interaction allows you to remove all Fury from another werewolf. This means you can prevent them from rampaging.

To unlock the Werewolf Empathy ability, you need to reach the Delta rank.

By the way, the Moonwood Collective pack members put a high value on the Werewolf Empathy skill and diplomacy abilities in general.

Contain you werewolf at home

To prevent lot damage during rampaging, lock the door to contain your werewolf at home. You can also build a special room where you can lock your rampaging werewolves.

Can I permanently disable Fury in Sims 4 Werewolves?

You cannot permanently disabling Fury in The Sims 4. Fury is an inherent emotion of the werewolf life. All werewolves experience Fury and its effects. The best thing you can do is avoid activities that cause Fury gain. You can also unlock special abilities that help you manage Fury.

What does the “Disable Fury Effect” do in Sims 4?

The “Disable Fury Effect” button allows Sims 4 players to turn off the red Fury halo in the Needs menu. Click on your werewolf Sim, go to self-actions, and click on Disable Fury Effect.

However, this option won’t prevent your Sim from gaining Fury. It works in a similar way as disabling the fame glow on famous Sims.


Fury is an inherent part of werewolf life. You can’t get rid of it but you can unlock certain abilities and temperaments that make it easier to manage your werewolf Sim’s Fury.

To avoid Fury gain, don’t engage in activities that go against your werewolf temperaments. To lower werewolf Fury, unlock the Will to Resist ability to regain control during rampaging. It works in 9 out of 10 cases.

Are you looking forward to experiencing the werewolf lifestyle? Let me know in the comments below.

Embrace the Full Moon!

Last updated on June 28, 2022 to add additional information.

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