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Sims 4 Werewolves: Moonwood Mill is full of mysteries


The Sims 4 Werewolves introduces a new world: Moonwood Mill. This abandoned mill town is now home to many temperamental werewolves. There’s abandoned lumber equipment everywhere and the whole place seems to be a ghost town… that is until night comes.

Moonwood Mill is surrounded by woods and lakes. A river cuts it in two marking the natural border between rival packs of werewolves.

The world of Moonwood Mill hosts 5 lots: three of them are residential lots, and two are non-residential.

Maxis built many of the lots in collaboration with James Turner.

The whole place changes completely during the full moon.

Here are the main attraction points in Moonwood Mill.


The Underground

Miles of tunnels run under the town forming a network known as The Underground. You can use them to move quicker between different parts of the town. There are also plenty of secrets to be discovered in “The Underground”.

Lake Lunvik

Lake Lunvik is the place where you can find the Luna Fish in The Sims 4: Werewolves. That fish is going to be a little bit more elusive but they’re typically more active under the full moon.

The full moon makes the lake look extra magical.

The Howling Point is near the lake.

The Howling Point


Werewolves can go to an area known as “The Howling Point” to have fun and howl at the moon. You can howl at the moon by yourself or with your pack.

The Howling Point is where you can find the elusive MoonPetal flower. This special flower blooms only under the full moon.

The Howling Point is a place you’ll quickly get familiar with.

By the way, this is the place where you can find out who your fated mate is.

The local library

There are lots of new werewolf-themed books available for your Sim to read at the local library. Read werewolf literature to unlock the Lunar Epiphany ability that allows you to decipher the ancient werewolf writing.

This special ability lets you find secret notes in wolf books and decipher them.

The library was created in collaboration with James Turner.

The Grimtooth Bar

The Grimtooth Bar is the place where the occults gather. You can use your new werewolf abilities to sniff them. Each occult has a specific smell.

Don’t forget to check out this cool bus bar while in the neighborhood.

The Wolf Graffiti Industrial Door


This facility is located on the same lot as the bar. It’s hidden behind a wall of trees.

Only werewolves can open the facility door. Your Sim needs to wait until they turn to be able to access the facility.

Behind the door is an underground hangout place. If you need a safe place to hangout with your fellow werewolves, that’s the place to go to. Other pesky occults can’t go there.

Inside the facility, there’s a door that lets you Explore Undergound Tunnels. You can also find it in Build Mode and put it chon any lot.

If you put it inside Moonwood Mill, it connects you to the Underground and lets you explore the secret tunnels.

If you put it outside of Moonwood Mill, it takes you to Moonwood Mill.

Discover the secrets of Moonwood Mill

Check out the Info Panel


There’s a handy Info panel that you can use when you get in-game to learn earn more about the town of Moonwood Mill and the two werewolf packs inhabiting the area: The Wildfangs and the Moonwood Collective.

Talk to Wolfgang

If you’re curios to learn more about Moonwood Mill, talk to Wolfgang, the local librarian. He’ll help you understand where the werewolves are coming from.

There are countless secrets and hidden books to uncover.

As you spend more time in Moonwood Mill, you’ll discover hidden knowledge about its magical roots. Meet with Wolfgang, the local librarian, in the center of town and check out werewolf-themed books to unravel truths about Moonwood’s mysterious beasts.

The best way to discover Moonwood Mill’s secrets is to explore the neighborhood yourself. Digging is a skill that you’ll use quite often. It will help you uncover lost books and items.

Are you curious to learn more about Moonwood Mill? Don’t be afraid to explore the neighborhood on your own and dive deeper into the darkest corners of the nearby woods.

Embrace the Full Moon! That’s when lots of interesting things happen!

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