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The Sims 4 Werewolves: Meet Kristopher Volkov


Kristopher Volkov is the leader and founder of the Moonwood Collective pack. He’s the adoptive father of Rory and Jacob. He is always willing to give a helping hand to any werewolf feeling displaced or lost. Over the years, he’s made room for all who have joined him.

Kristopher and the Moodwood Pack live in the Collective cabin, on the outskirts of Lake Lunvik. He promotes a self-sustainable lifestyle. There’s a homey garden near the cabin where the group lives.

He expects the pack members to be tactful, prudent and diplomatic. They should seek to make meaningful and friendly connections to all Sims.

That’s why he puts so much so much value on werewolves mastering Fury control. In this manner, they can become more friendly to non-werewolves.

Kristopher has the following traits:

  • Genius
  • Family-oriented
  • Perfectionist

As a leader, he values cooperation more than competition and tries to instill these values to his pack members as well.

He is an Apex werewolf which means that he possesses all of the abilities available under the Apex werewolf skill tree level.


Kristopher and Rory

Unfortunately, Rory’s relationship with her adoptive father has soured. She moved out and founded The Wildfangs, a pack that holds opposite values than her father’s pack. Her decision is still hurting Kristopher.

He feels wronged by Rory and being around her will remind him of that pain.

Kristopher and Jacob

Kristopher adores Jacob. He wants the best for him and thinks he’s wonderful.

He also intends for Jacob to become the leader of the pack after he passes away. They both have the same calm and intense soul.

Do you think  Kristopher will ever be able to completely forgive Rory for her ungrateful behavior? Let me know in the comments below.

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