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How do you become a Botanist in Sims 4?


If your Sim has a green thumb, they can pursue a Botanist career. Expert botanists can earn up to $420 per hour or $3,360 per day. Another important perk is that you can sell plants and harvestables to earn some extra money. Gardening is one of the most lucrative hobbies in Sims 4.

How to become a Botanist in Sims 4

Step 1: Plant seeds, and take care of your plants

Click on the computer, buy some seeds and plant them. Make sure to water the seeds to help them sprout. You also need to keep the seedlings clear of weeds.

Step 2 : Improve your Gardening skill

You also need to constantly improve your gardening skills. Be sure to work on your garden each and every day, and read as many gardening books as you possibly can. Combine practice and theory for the best possible results.

Step 3: Evolve your plants

You need to regularly weed, water and fertilize your plants to help them evolve. High-quality plants produce high-quality crops that bring in a lot of money.

Step 4: Let Patchy the Strawman help you

Patchy is not a simple scarecrow. You can become friends and you can then use the “Ask for Gardening Tips” interaction to improve your Gardening skill. Patchy is an experienced gardener.

By the way, did you know that you can marry Patchy?

Step 5: Grow a Cowplant

To complete the Botanist aspiration, you need to grow a Cowplant and evolve ten excellent-quality plants. Use your Gardening skills and Patchy’s tips to get the job done.

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Best traits for Botanists

Sims that have the Loves the Outdoors trait will make great botanists. The Genius trait helps botanists learn about plants faster. Another useful trait to have is Loner. After all, botanists spend a lot of time gardening on their own.

Botanists can make lots of money

  • Pay: $16,800 per week
  • Sell harvestables for extra money
  • Required degree: Biology
  • Required expansion pack: Seasons

If your Sim is pursuing the Gardening career, they can select the Botanist branch and earn up to $420 per hour, or $16,800 per week. That’s $67,200 per month.

To pursue this career, you need the Seasons expansion pack. A Level 10 Botanist can earn 3,360 Simoleons per day, 5 days a week. On top of that, you also get to harvest and sell plants which will bring in extra money. Depending on their quality, harvestables can bring in thousands of Simoleons every day.

As a Botanist, you get to work from home. You can easily complete the daily tasks which leaves lots of free time for other activities. Some days, your Botanist Sim can complete their tasks in less than one hour. With so much spare time at their disposal, you can enroll them at the Foxbury Institute to earn a second degree while still working full-time.


To complete the Botanist aspiration in Sims 4, you need to reach Level 10 Gardening skill, grow a Cowplant and ten excellent-quality plants. The Botanist branch is one of the most lucrative careers in Sims 4. Sims that have mastered the Gardening skill can earn up to $420 per hour, or $16,800 per week.

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