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The Ultimate Sims 4 PlantSim Guide & FAQ

sims 4 plantsim guide FAQ

What is PlantSimism? PlantSimism is a temporary life state in The Sims 4 that lasts for 5 days during which your Sim’s needs resemble more the needs of a plant.

More specifically, your Sim’s bladder motive is replaced with Water, and Hunger is replaced with the need to go outside and get Vitamin D directly from the Sun. You read that right, the Hunger motive can only be satisfied by sunlight.

Your PlantSim will also get the energized moodlet every time they go outside and bask in the sun.

The Needs of a PlantSim

If it’s cloudy outside, your PlantSim can get near plants and use the Absorb Solar Energy from Plant interaction and this will feed them. But there’s a catch: using this interaction will make the respective plant smaller. If your PlantSim uses the interaction several times on the same plant, the plant will eventually turns into a seed.

If it’s raining, just send your PlantSim outside and their Water need will be fulfilled. Taking a showing will also fill the Water need. On the bright side, a PlatSim no longer needs to use the bathroom as their bladder need no longer exists.

If your PlantSim does not have enough water to photosynthesize, their hunger need won’t be fully satisfied. If the water motive is not satisfied, your PlantSim will dry out. The first telltale sign in the hair that starts turning grey.

If the PlantSims fail to satisfy their needs, they’ll get the Parched and Sun Starved moodlets which will make them very uncomfortable. If they don’t get any water within 24 hours, they’ll hit the bucket.

PlantSim abilities

PlantSims can also talk to plants and take their social bond with the plant kingdom one step further. Talking to plants also boosts the plants’ health level.

As explained above, PlantSims can also absorb solar energy from plants to fill their Hunger.

How to Become a PlantSim in Sims 4

Method 1Eat the Fruit of the PlantSim

Once your Sim reached level 10 in the Gardening Skill, you can order and purchase Rare Seeds directly from the PC. They are quite pricey though — rare packets of seeds cost §1,000 Simoleons each.

You may need to shell out a lot of money as you may only get one magic bean per pack. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the 6 Magic Beans from 10 packs.

If you manage to collect all 6 Magical Beans, place them in the Magic PlantSim Stump (you’ll find it in buy mode). The Magical Beans are: Angry Magic Bean, Confident Magic Bean, Flirty Magic Bean, Playful Magic Bea, Sad Magic Bean, Uncomfortable Magic Bean.

sims 4 Magic PlantSim Stump

Water the beans and when they’re ready, the stump will turn into a tree. Your Sim can then enter the portal and get the Fruit of the PlantSim aka The Forbidden Fruit. Have your Sim eat the fruit and they’ll become a PlantSim on the spot.

Method 2 – Eat Plant Matter

This method works only for players who got The Sims 4: Cool Kitchen Stuff.

All you need to do is reach level 8 in Cooking, buy an ice cream maker and create plant matter for §47.

Have your Sim eat the plant matter and their appearance will change into that of a PlantSim for four hours.

Using this method does not change your Sim’s hair or clothes nor does it create any special needs.

Method 3 – Use cheats

If you simply want to take the easy way out, you can use cheats to turn your Sim into a PlantSim.

  • Step 1 – Press CTRL+ ALT + C to launch the cheat bar
  • Step 2 -Turn on cheat codes by using the testingcheats true cheat
  • Step 3 -Press Shift and select the Sim you want to turn into a PlantSim
  • Step 4 -Simply select the option Make Into PlantSim and watch the magic happen.

Or you can use the buy debug cheat (bb.showhiddenobjects) to buy a Forbidden Fruit of the PlantSim.

How to Reverse PlantSims

  • Just wait. The PlantSim effect will end in 5 days.
  • Use mods. Get the UI Cheats Extension Mod, right click on the PlantSim moodlet and your Sim will revert back to their original state.

Your PlantSim Questions Answered

Can a PlantSim die? PlantSims can wilt away and die if their water and hunger needs are not satisfied within 24 hours after they got the Parched and Sun Starved moodlets.

Is PlantSim permanent? PlantSimism is not a permanent state, it lasts 5 days if your Sim ate the Fruit of the PlantSim or 4 hours if they consumed plant matter.

What happens if you eat the forbidden fruit of the PlantSim? Sims that eat the forbidden fruit of the PlantSim become PlantSims for 5 Sim days. Their bladder need is replaced with the Water need, while Hunger is replaced with the need to bask in the Sun and photosynthesize.

Can you have PlantSim babies Sims 4? PlantSims cannot reproduce, they cannot get pregnant nor get another Sim pregnant.

And now you know.

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