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Sims 4 Cottage Living and Seasons: How they blend


If you want your Sims to live closer to nature without the stress and hassle of urban life, get the Cottage Living expansion pack. Your Sims can grow their own crops, befriend cows, llamas, as well as wild animals such as rabbits and foxes.

Watch the passing of the seasons in the countryside

If you also have the Sims 4 Seasons expansion pack installed, you can watch how seasons go by and influence your countryside farm life. The dynamically changing weather affects all aspects of your Sims’ lives, and the activities they can perform on the farm. Get ready for winter, and buy some warm clothes for your animals. Rest assured, cows and llamas won’t freeze if they go outside and it’s winter.

By the way, your ponds will freeze over when winter comes. If there’s a thick layer of snow on the ground and your chickens go outside, they’ll make footprints in the snow. The cutest thing is that the baby chickens’ footprints are smaller and closer to each other than the footprints of adult chickens. The devs have really thought about everything.

Screenshot: ChaosNanny via Reddit

If you want to grow plants year-round, you can build a greenhouse.

Handy calendars for everyone

Cottage Living brings calendars for everyone. This is a very handy feature that will help you Sims become more organized. As a quick reminder, the Finchwick Fair takes place every Saturday, so you’d better mark the date in your calendar. If you want to buy various items to prepare delicious jams and recipes, or sell cow milk, llama wool, eggs, and other items, the fair is the right place to go to.

You can also use various filters to sort events, and mark your favorite upcoming events as well. You calendar also includes information about holidays and the Weather Report. These details are very handy if you also have the Seasons pack installed.

By the way, if you own additional game packs that include festivals, you can check out the event flyer directly from your calendar.

What do you think about the way Seasons influence Cottage Living? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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