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Which books make the most money in Sims 4?


Sims can pursue a long list of careers. For example, they can become doctors, scientists, professional home decorators, and they can even pursue a criminal career path. If your Sim’s a wordsmith, they can pursue a writer career and write books for a living. This will give them a constant stream of income.

But which books pay the most in Sims 4? Let’s find out!

What book genre makes the most money in Sims 4?

The book genres available at the higher writing skill level make the most money. Mystery and biography books pay great in Sims 4. Excellent-quality biography and mystery books pay the most. Mystery books require Level 9 in Writing skills, while biographies require Level 10.

The higher your Sim’s writing skills, the more money they’ll earn for the books they write. For example, at Level 6, screenplays will help you cash in more money than non-fiction books. Naturally, children’s books being Level 1 won’t pay as much as mystery and biography books which are at the top of the writing skill pyramid.

Another important factor that determines how much money you’ll earn with your books is book quality. To write Excellent-quality books, be sure your Sim is very Inspired and Creative when writing them. That will boost the chance of writing bestsellers which provide the highest profits.

Additionally, if your Sim has a high skill level of what they are writing about, they’ll write Excellent-quality books and earn more money. For example, if your Sim is a comedian, have them tell a few jokes to build up the skill before starting writing a new comedy.

Here’s another example. If you do the Painting aspiration first, your Sim will be able to write an emotional book whenever they please so.

On average, Sims need 3-4 hours to write a book. This means they can easily write 3 books a day.

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How long do book royalties last in Sims 4?

Book royalties usually last for up to 20 days per book. Earnings may fluctuate by up to 40% on a day-to-day basis. Your Sim may cash in 100 to 300 Simoleons for an Excellent-quality book. Bestsellers will bring in 200 to 800 Simoleons per day. The more books your Sim writes, the more royalties they get. After 20 days, it all goes down to a trickle.

Once your Sim reaches Level 9 in Writing skills, they can submit books to a Literary Digest once a week. Literary Digest can double the royalties your Sim gets from selling their books to a publisher.

If your Sim is an author and they already published tens of books, they will only get money from about 10 books. These are the 10 most recent books they published.

Do I still get writer’s royalties after a Sim dies? The royalties stop the day your Sim dies. Once they get a visit from Grim, there will be no money coming from the books they published while alive.

On a side note, scriptwriting earns the highest royalties and also goes the fastest. An Excellent Screenplay can actually earn your Sim more royalties than a Bestselling Fantasy novel.

How much can you make as a writer in Sims 4?

If your Sim decides to pursue an Author career, they can earn anything between 60 Simoleons and 465 Simoleons per hour depending on their Writing skill level.

Author Career Pay per hour Writing Level Required
Short Story Writer 60 Level 7
Novelist $115 Level 8
Fan Favorite 202 Level 9
Bestselling Author 296 Level 10
Creator of Worlds $465


The pay that Sims earn for writing books is determined by their writing skill level, book genre, and skill level of what they are writing about. Excellent-quality biography and mystery books pay the most but they require Level 9 and Level 10 in Writing skills, respectively.

Do you agree that the writer career is an excellent choice for your Sims? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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