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The Sims 4: How to craft Wolf-B-Gone


The Cure Seeker aspiration challenges you to craft a cure that will revert the effects of lycanthropy and make your Sim normal again.

In this quick guide, I’ll show you where you can find the cure ingredients and the secret recipe.

How do I craft the cure for lycanthropy in Sims 4?

You need Moonpetal flowers and Wolfsbane to craft the Wolf-B-Gone cure for lycanthropy. The Wolf-B-Gone recipe is written in Greg’s diary. You can find the diary by having your werewolf scavenge the ground.

You also need the Lunar Epiphany ability to be able to read the diary and learn the recipe.

Once your Sim drinks the Wolf-B-Gone cure, they’ll lose all of their werewolf abilities, and Fury ceases to affect them. The Werewolf Curse will be gone.

Make sure to level up your Mixology skills as well. You’re going to need those to craft the cure.

Where to find Moonpetal and Wolfsbane

You can harvest Moonpetal flowers only on Full Moon nights. This flower blooms near the Howling Point.


You can harvest Wolfsbane in the wild in Forgotten Hollow if you have Vampires installed. Alternatively, you can also purchase Wolfsbane seeds, plant them in your garden, and grow your own Wolfsbane plants.


Werebies vs Lycanthropy cure

The Cure for Werebies and the cure for Lycanthropy (Wolf-B-Gone) are two completely different things. You can order the Cure for Werebies from the Grimtooth bar if you accidentally got bitten by a werewolf. If you got the Cursed Bite, you need to find the Wolf-B-Gone cure recipe and craft it yourself.

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