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Sims 4: Find Moonpetal to make tasty Moonpetal punch


If you’re tired of your Sim being a werewolf, you can use Moonpetal to craft a permanent cure for lycanthropy. Alternatively, you can use cheats to remove the werewolf trait instantly.

Where can I find Moonpetal in Sims 4?

You can harvest Moonpetal at the top of the Howling Point which is located near Lake Lunvik in Moonwood Mill. This flower can only be harvested under the full moon. You need 3 Moonpetal flowers to craft the Wolf-B-Gone cure.

If it’s not a full moon yet, you need to wait until then to harvest Moonpetal. Alternatively, you can change the lunar cycle settings, and make it a permanent full moon for your Sims.

To check the current phase of the moon, use the Moon Dial from Moonwood Mill or open your Calendar.

How to use Moonpetal


After harvesting the Moonpetal flower, put it in your inventory. Then, get 10 Wolfsbane plants. You need 10 Wolfsbane and 3 Moonpetal to craft the Wolf-B-Gone cure that allows your Sim to become normal again.

After gathering all the ingredients, go to the Grimtooth bar and select the Wolf-B-Gone option. You Sim will start making a tasty purple beverage.

Have your Sim drink the Moonpetal punch. They’ll instantly lift off the ground. By the time they land back, all of their werewolf traits will be history.

⇒ Quick Tip: Sims with the Cure Seeker aspiration will do everything that stands in their power to find a cure for lycanthropy. They won’t stop until they’ve reached their goal.

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