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The Sims 4: How to get bitten by a Werewolf


There are three ways to get bitten by a werewolf in The Sims 4 Werewolves:

  • You can accidentally get bitten while exploring the secret tunnels
  • You can ask a werewolf friend to give you the Cursed Bite
  • Or you can visit Greg and provoke him to give you Greg’s gift

When you’re exploring The Underground, you’ll be given the option to go down a tunnel where you hear growling. If you select this option, your Sim will get into a quick brawl with a werewolf and contract Werebies.

If you want a werewolf to give you the Cursed Bite, you need to become friends with them. Only werewolves that possess the Curse Bearer ability can turn normal Sims into werewolves. That’s either Kristopher or Rory.

You can also get bitten by Greg, the notorious lone wolf. Go near his little shack, ignore the warning signs, and use the Provoke interaction to get him to attack you.

Once bitten, transformation is imminent

After getting bitten by a werewolf, your Sim will start getting insatiable Hunger. This indicates they’ve been infected with Lycanthropy and they’re rapidly turning into a werewolf.

If you want to stop the process, go to the Grimtooth Bar and ask Celene to serve you the Cure for Werebies. This interaction is only available if you’ve accidentally got bitten by a werewolf.

If you got bitten by Greg or a werewolf friend, you can’t stop the process. Your Sim will eventually turn into a werewolf after one or two days.

If you want to become a normal Sim again, you can select the Cure Seeker Aspiration. This aspiration challenges you to find a cure that will permanently revert the effects of lycanthropy.

You need to craft the Wolf-B-Gone cure and drink it to cancel the effects of lycanthropy and become a normal Sim again.

Do werewolves attack you like vampires in Sims 4?

Werewolves don’t enter your home and attack you like vampires do. You can accidentally get attacked when you’re exploring The Underground. You can also provoke Greg to attack you.

Can I keep werewolves out of werewolf form?

If you don’t want werewolves to invade other Sims 4 worlds in their werewolf form, go to Game Options and enable the Limit to Moonwood Mill option. This feature won’t stop werewolves from traveling, but it will prevent them from wolfing out outside of Moonwood Mill.

And now you know.

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