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The Sims 4: How to grow and use Wolfsbane plants


If you’re planning to slay some vampires, Wolfsbane plants will come in handy. Wolfsbane seeds are a key ingredient in many vampire cocktails. You can’t slay vampires without these special seeds.

What can you do with Wolfsbane in Sims 4?

You can use Wolfsbane seeds to make special Mixology drinks related to vampires. The Vampire Resistance Cocktail makes your Sims more resistant to vampires powers. You need two Wolfsbane seeds to make this cocktail.

You also need Wolfsbane seeds to make The Ultimate Vampire Cure. You can’t slay vampires without this cocktail. But you need 10 Wolfsbane to make this drink at the bar.

Where can I find Wolfsbane?

If you have The Sims 4 Vampire pack installed, you can find Wolfsbane plants in the wild in Forgotten Hollow. They’re easy to spot and grow all year round. Wolfsbane plants have blue-purple flowers.

Alternatively, you can also order Wolfsbane seeds from Vampire Secrets on the computer. To do that, you need to level up your Vampiric Lore skill.

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How do you grow Wolfsbane?

To grow Wolfsbane plants, first you need to plant the seeds in plant boxes. Then, water the seeds everyday to help them sprout faster. Keep the bugs away and fertilize the plants regularly.

Wolfsbane is not a common plant. Sometimes, it can take a while until you can find one in the wild. As a result, it’s always best to grow your own Wolfsbane plants and have them at hand when you need them in your cocktails.

How much does Wolfsbane cost?

A package of Wolfsbane seeds costs 250 Simoleons. They’re not cheap but they’re not the most expensive seeds either.

Once you’ve grown a few plants, you can harvest them and use the seeds to grow new Wolfsbane plants.

There you go, I hope this quick guide answered your questions.

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