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How to make Sims Inspired and boost their careers


If your Sim is pursuing a creative career, feeling Inspired and Very Inspired helps them get better results. For example, if your Sim is an author, feeling Inspired can help them write books faster.

But how do you make Sims feel Inspired? There are many ways to unlock this moodlet and we’ll list some of them below.

How do you make Sims Inspired?

Step 1: Get rid of negative emotions

Engage your Sims in fun activities to help them get rid of negative emotions. Make sure they’re happy. The Happy moodlet will boost the Inspired emotion.

Step 2: Take a Thoughtful Shower

Taking a Thoughtful Shower is the easiest way to make your Sim Inspired. Your Sim’s head will be full of ideas after a quick shower. Always take a Thoughtful Shower before engaging in creative activities.

Step 3: Browse art on the Internet

Click on your Sim’s computer, select Web, and then click on Browse art. Browsing art on the Internet is a nice quick way to boost your Sim’s creativity.

Step 4: Use a Future Cube

Sims can ask the Cube for creative ideas. They’ll instantly feel Creatively Inspired. Sims can keep a Future Cube in their inventories if they want to always have one at hand.

Step 5: Play with Molding Clay

You can find Molding Clay under Kids’ toys. Adult Sims that play with clay will get the Inspired moodlet.

Step 6: Play an instrument

If your Sim can play an instrument, have them play the guitar, piano or violin and they’ll feel Inspired for eight hours. Playing an instrument also helps Sims improve their skills in the instrument as well. Practice makes perfect.

Plucking for Inspiration with an instrument is not the quickest method to get Inspired. If you need to pull the mood quickly, go for a different method such as taking a Thoughtful Shower or browsing art on the computer.

Step 7: Try cloud gazing or star gazing

If you have Outdoor Retreat installed, cloud gazing and star gazing are two excellent ways to boost your Sim’s Inspiration level. The Inspired moodlet usually lasts for 6 hours. Telling a fairytale at the campfire can also make Sims feel Inspired.

Step 8: Join a  yoga class

If you have Spa Day installed, join a brain-boosting yoga session. You’ll get an extra inspiration boost when matching incense is burning. An Ylang Ylang Massage can also help Sims feel more inspired.

Step 9: Drink Essence of Inspiration

If there’s a CowPlant on your lot, you’ll get an essence of whatever mood the Sim that got eaten was in at the time. For example, if a Sim is feeling Inspired and gets eaten by a CowPlant, you can have Essence of Inspiration. Drinking that essence will give you the Inspired moodlet.

Additional ideas to make Sims Inspired

  • Eat Cheese Fondue
  • Drink Cappuccino
  • Eat Haunted Mint Ice Cream
  • Wear a Chicken Hat (Deluxe Edition)
  • Research Art Reference if your Sim is a painter
  • Listen Deeply to Music if your Sim is a music lover
  • If your Sim has the Bookworm trait, have them analyze a book
  • If your Sim has the Foodie trait, have them cook something, look for new recipe ideas, or watch cooking shows for ideas


To make a Sim Inspired, first get rid of any negative emotions. Then, take a Thoughtful Shower, browse art on the Internet, and play with Molding Clay. Additionally, you can grab a Future Cube and ask it for creative ideas. If you have Outdoor Retreat installed, try cloud gazing and star gazing. If you have Spa Day installed, join a yoga class or get an Ylang Ylang massage.

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