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Sims 4 Cottage Living: How to make pie


If you’re running errands for your fellow villagers in Sims 4 Cottage Living, one of the tasks is to make a Chocolate Pie and give it to the Grocery Deliverer.

How to make pie in Sims 4

Chocolate Pie

To make Chocolate Pies, you need Chocoberries or Chocolate syrup and Level 5 in Cooking skills. You can find the Chocolate Pie under “Cook”. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you’ll find the option there.

Some pie recipes are available under “Bake” instead of “Cook”. Some mods may interfere with The Sims 4 UI placing certain pie recipes under the Bake category. So, if you can’t find the pie recipe under Cook, simply look under Bake or Cook Together.

Disable mods to solve pie-related glitches

If you still can’t find the pie recipe you need, try disabling your mods. Simply move your Mods folder to the desktop and restart the game. Outdated mods may cause all sorts of issues. If the glitch you’re experiencing is indeed mod-related, disabling your mods and CC should instantly fix it.

Certain pie recipes need to be unlocked. Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients in the fridge or Sim inventory.


To make pie in The Sims 4 Cottage Living, go to Cook and select the pie recipe you’re interested in. You need Level 5 in Cooking skills to make pies. Also, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients in the fridge or your Sim’s inventory. If pie recipes won’t show up, go to Bake or Cook Together and check if you can find the recipe there.

What’s your favorite pie recipe in The Sims 4? Let me know in the comments below.

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