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The Sims 4 Spa Day: Yoga and meditation bring you inner peace


The revamped Sims 4 Spa Day expansion has brought many new yoga and meditation features and improvements. If you want to find long-lasting inner peace, embrace yoga and meditation and you’ll soon see positive changes in your life. Let’s dive right in and explore what’s new in this updated expansion pack.

Yoga and meditation in Sims 4 Spa Day

Yoga and meditation for kids

Children can now do yoga and meditation. The practice can help them calm down and develop useful skills and traits faster. Yoga will build their motor skills, while meditation will boost their mental skills.

Children can now have wellness likes and dislikes. If you have both Spa Day and Parenthood, yoga and meditation do help children better control their emotions.

Updated yoga mats

The devs have updated the original colours of yoga mats for both instructors and regular class participants. If you want to, you can match the yoga mats that instructors use with the mats used by class participants. There’s also a tiny half-moon logo on the instructor’s mat to distinguish it from the mats used by yoga class participants.

Become a yoga instructor

You can also work as a yoga instruction as a side-hustle and earn some extra money. You can teach yoga classes anywhere you want. For example, you can go to the park, place some yoga mats on the ground, and use the “Teach yoga class” interaction to let other Sims know they can join your class.

If you decide to teach yoga classes, you can earn money for each student that you have. By the way, you can teach both private and public classes. Public classes means that anyone can join. Private classes means that Sims can join on an invite basis.

If you have the Zen Guru aspiration trait, you can earn 330 Simoleons per each class member. If you don’t have this aspiration, you’ll earn less money for teaching yoga classes.


There are four types of classes that you can teach:

  • Brain boosting
  • Mind concentrating
  • Energy centering
  • Family friendly

If you want kids to be able to attend your class, select the Family friendly option.

By the way, you don’t need to bring a yoga mat for everybody. Class members will bring their own mats. If there’s no yoga mat in the vicinity, they’ll simply rent one.

As a quick reminder, in the old Spa Day version, yoga classes could take place at the spa, gym, and also the park. Sims could only participate as class members.

Thanks to the updated Spa Day version, your Sim can now get their own yoga instructor mat and own it. You can now both hire a yoga instructor or teach yoga classes yourself. Use the “Request a yoga instructor” interaction or “Teach yoga class” option, depending on what you want to do.

Money for yoga classes is not guaranteed

Some class participants may refuse to pay for the yoga class if they’re not satisfied. This usually happens if your Sim has low yoga skills. But it can also happens if class participants are mean in general, or they don’t like you.

On the other hand, very satisfied class members will often tip you. If your Sim has high yoga and meditation skills, they’ll often get tips from class participants.

Lead guide meditations

Meditation classes are also available. Similar to yoga classes, you can host meditation classes focused on better mind and emotion control. There are also new meditation pillows available that you can use when teaching meditation classes.

You can put incense objects in inventory

You can now put your incense objects in your Sim’s inventory and bring them with you anywhere you go. For example, if you decide to teach yoga classes in the park, you can now bring your incense objects with you. Use them to increase your chances of getting tips at the end of the yoga class.

Wear velour tracksuits for yoga

You can now wear velour tracksuits of various colours during yoga and meditation classes. Velour tracksuits are available for both kids and adults. That’s a new full body CAS item that the updated Spa Day expansion is bringing to the table.

Promote yoga class on Simstagram


To make your odds of getting money for teaching yoga classes even better, you can promote your services on Simstagram. You can advertise your wellness activities to reach more potential customers. However, the results are not guaranteed. It’s just social media, you never know who’s gonna show up at your classes.

What do you think about the new yoga and meditation activities in The Sims 4 Spa Day? Are you planning to pursue a career as a yoga instructor? Let me know in the comments below.

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