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Can Sims die from sadness or of a broken heart?

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The are two main ways Sims can die in The Sims 4: by natural causes or by emotional causes. Some players are a bit confused by the emotion-triggered deaths. In this guide, we’ll explore if Sims can indeed die from two particular emotions: sadness and brokenheartedness.

When it comes to dying from extreme emotions, your Sims can die of Anger, Embarrassment or Hysteria (laughing themselves to death). As you can see, even positive emotions taken to the extremes can result in your Sim meeting the Grim Reaper much earlier than expected.

Can Sims die from sadness? Sims cannot die from sadness. There are two stages of sadness available in the game: sad (which is of short duration) and very sad (which lasts longer). But neither of them are intense enough to cause your Sim to die.

Sims usually become sad after going through a traumatic experience such as the death of a family member. If your Sim’s needs are not fulfilled, this can also make them sad.

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Can Sims die of a broken heart? Technically speaking, Sims cannot die of a broken heart. But if this brokenheartedness leads to another emotion such as embarrassment, then the latter could indeed be fatal to your Sim.

For example, if your Sim proposes to someone but they get turned down, they could feel so embarrassed of being rejected that they become mortified. This is not death by a broken heart but rather by intense embarrassment.

Seeing your Sim suffer from sadness or a broken heart is not a nice view. Therefore, you should do anything you can to cheer them up and help them to look on the bright side of things.

Closing words

As you can see, your Sims cannot die of sadness or of a broken heart. These emotions are not on the list of the three death-causing extreme emotions: Anger, Embarrassment or Hysteria.

And now you know.

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