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The Sims 4 FAQ: Can Sims Die From Woohoo?

can sims die from woohooing?

Wondering if Sims can die from woohoo? The answer is Yes, Sims can die from overexertion by woohooing too often. Read this guide to learn more.

Can elders die from woohooo in The Sims 4? Elders who engage in woohooing will get the Dangerously Tired moodlet after round one. If they continue to woohoo with the moodlet on, they will die from overexertion after the second or the third round.

As you can see, intense activities involving repetitive motion quickly lead to overexertion in old Sims.

Trying for a baby too often can have fatal consequences if your Sim reaches an overexertion level. Due to frequent and intense woohooing, your Sim’s energy level may drop to dangerously low levels after vigorous baby-making endeavours.

Elder male Sims have a high risk of dying if they woohoo three times in a row. After the third consecutive try for a baby, old male Sims may suddenly collapse to the floor and meet the Grim Reaper.

Luckily, this is not valid for young Sims. But do keep that detail in mind when the thought of making old male Sims woohoo several times in a row crosses your mind.

Well, on the other hand, if you’re thinking about helping older Sims to meet their creator, you can use this trick to speed up the process. At least your Sim will die a happy man.

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A Great Way to Make Room in The Family

But even young male Sims can die from overexertion after a marathon woohooing session. While it takes more than three consecutive woohoos to reach life-threatening overexertion in young Sims, this is possible. Your Sim will simply go from happy to very happy and then … to dead.

After all, if you want to make room in the family for a new Sim, this is a nice way to help your Sim go to the other side earlier than expected.

If you’re looking for a guaranteed recipe, first make your Sims work out until they are dangerously tired and then make them woohoo until they die. In this manner, even young Sims have a high chance of dying from woohooing three times in a row.

Yes, it seem that three is the magic number. If your Sim is still alive after three consecutive woohoos, the fourth one will definitely be fatal.

And now you know.


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