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The Sims 4 FAQ: Can Sims Die From Low Hygiene and Filth?

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There are over 20 ways Sims can die in The Sims 4. But there’s one question that still hasn’t got a clear answer. Well, this guide will finally shed some light on it.

Can Sims die from poor hygiene? Adult and elder Sims won’t die from low hygiene or living in filthy conditions. They won’t die from not showering or bathing, they’ll just stink. Living in a dirty house won’t kill your Sims but this is a catalyst that can make them die from something else.

On a side note, if the kids and teenagers in a family are not well taken care of, and their hunger, comfort and play needs are not met, low hygiene will make the social workers come and take them away much faster.

How to make a house dirty and messy

If you want to experiment how your Sims would feel in a low hygiene environment, here’s what you can do:

  1. Don’t make your Sims shower
  2. Don’t to the dishes
  3. Don’t clean the kitchen, the counters and the appliances
  4. Kick the trash cans
  5. When children need to pee, don’t take them to the bathroom or block the bathroom. Eventually, they’ll pee their pants. The same goes for adults, simply don’t make them go to the toilet and they’ll pee themselves.
  6. Make your Sims puke and don’t clean up. You can make your Sims puke by shaking the screen.
  7. Make your Sims swim in a dirty pool and stop them from taking a shower.

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What happens when Sims live in a dirty house?

Here’s what to expect when your Sims end up living in a dirty house because nobody is doing the laundry and the dishes or cleans the house:

  • Dirty laundry will pile up in the entire house and will spill out in every room.
  • Dirty dishes will keep on cramming in the kitchen.
  • As the kitchen gets dirtier and dirtier, Sims will stop cooking tasty meals. Eating cereal will become the norm.
  • Children and teenagers will be the first to rebel against living in a dirty house and they’ll refuse to do anything. Obviously, their grades will drop and they will no longer feel comfortable at home.
  • Adult Sims will no longer build new skills.
  • Adult Sims will stop getting promotions which will only increase their feelings of frustration and discontent.
  • Sims will become significantly moodier and fits of rage will become the norm.

Tips to keep the house clean

  1. Do the dishes after every meal
  2. Do the laundry every two or three days
  3. Paint the house every once in a while.


Living in a filthy home won’t kill your Sims but it will influence their mood and interfere with their career. The choice is yours: you can either make sure the house stays clean or you can let your Sims live in a dirty, messy and filthy house.

And now you know.

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