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How to Extend Your Sim’s Life in Sims 4

how to extend sim lifespan sims 4

The life stages in The Sims 4 perfectly mimic those in real-life. Your Sims gets born, they become toddlers, then kids, teenagers, young adults, adults and elders.

But if you really like one of your Sims, follow the suggestions listed in this guide to extend their lifespan for as long as possible.

Methods to Extend Your Sim’s Life

Method 1 –  Enable long lifespan

To slow down the aging process of your Sim, go to Game options, click on the Gameplay, select the Sim Lifespan and then select Long to ensure your Sim enjoys the longest lifespan possible.

Method 2 – Drink the youth potion

The youth potion can reset your Sim’s age completely and take it back to zero. But don’t wait until your Sim becomes an elder to use this potion. The catch is that elder Sims can’t restore their youth even if they drink the Potion of Youth.

We advise you to use the youth potion when your Sim is an adult but not yet an elder. The adulthood stage and namely the second adult life stage last 29 days in Sims 4. So, make sure your Sim drinks the youth potion on the 28th day.

Where do I get the potion of youth from? Players can purchase the youth potion from the LifeTime Reward Store for 1,500 points.

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Method 3 – Use the timeline freezer

As its name suggests, using the timeline freezer allows Sims 4 players to literally freeze the aging timeline. To enable this option, go to Game options → Gameplay → Auto Age → type no.

⇒ Note: Turning on the timeline freezer prevents your Sims from having children and prevents existing children from growing up and reaching adulthood.

Method 4 – Drink the Essence of Life from Cow Plants

For this method to work, a Sim has to die. Every time a cow plant kills a Sim, they leave behind the essence of life and the other Sims can get their hands on it by milking the plant.

So, you have two choices: you can either sacrifice one your Sims (maybe the one that you don’t really like that much) or you can trick a guest into taking the cake that the cow plant puts out as bait.

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Method 5 – Create the Age-Away serum

If your Sim is pursuing the Scientist career and reached level 10, they can create the Age-Away serum to reset a Sim’s age back to day 1.

Another thing your scientist Sim can do is use the cloning machine to make copies of all the youth potions, including the Potion of Youth and the Age-Away serum.

This method works only of you got the Get to Work expansion.

Another quick suggestion

Oh, and it is worth mentioning that having more children could potentially extend your Sim’s life. Yes, you guessed that right, this method works for female Sims only.

However, not all the players agree on the efficacity of this method. That’s why we preferred to quickly mention it at the end of this guide instead of listing it a stand-along method.

And now you know.

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