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What Can You Do With the Grim Reaper in Sims 4?

what can you do with grim reaper sims 4

All Sims 4 players have had multiple encounters with the Grim Reaper. This non-playable character shows up when one of your Sims is about to die, reaps their souls and takes them to the other realm.

But the Reaper is more than a game character that shows up only for a brief period of time to collect the soul of your dead Sims and replace their bodies with an urn. You can talk to him about literature, politics, the mysteries of life and other interesting topics. Your Sims can even marry the Reaper.

After the Grim Reaper has finished reaping the soul of your dying Sim, he may want to stick around for a while. That’s the best moment for your Sims to interact with death and talk to him a bit.

In this guide, we’ll explore what else you can do with the Grim Reaper in The Sims 4.

Activities your Sims can do with the Grim Reaper

  • Your Sims can try to plead with the Reaper to bring a dead Sim back to life. Don’t miss out on that opportunity as there is a 33% chance of him accepting your plead. Sims who have the confident trait have a whooping 40% chance of succeeding. If the Sim is very confident, the chances increase to 50%.
  • Sims can flirt with the Reaper. While he may not seem very interested in flirting back, if your Sim is persistent, the Reaper will eventually give in. Mind you that romantic relationships with the Reaper won’t go very far and he often disappears into thick smoke.
  • Your Sims can yell at the Reaper. This is a great way to vent out if they accumulated too much tension.
  • If your Sim reached Level 5 or more in mischief skill, they can use a voodoo doll to Toy with Death and take away the Reaper’s ability to reap a Sim’s life.
  • You can also offer the Reaper a death flower to save a dying Sim’s life.
  • You can bring the Reaper into your household and control him. Your Sims can even marry the Reaper but this requires mods.
  • You can woohoo with the Reaper and he’ll be listed as the father of your Sim’s children in the family tree. Mods and cheats are required for this task.
  • If you want to watch someone petting or playing with a cowplant, that’s the Reaper. If your Sim would attempt such a daredevil act, the plant would immediately eat them.

Feel free to tell us more about your encounters with the Grim Reaper in the comments below.

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