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The Sims 4 Werewolves: Explore the secret tunnels


The Werewolf Underground lies underneath Moonwood Mill. It’s a tunnel system made by werewolves for werewolves. It dates back from the height of conflict with vampires. Werewolves still use the tunnels to get around quickly or storage.

There are plenty of secret items hidden in the tunnels.

The “Find the Fresh Air” option will always bring you out.

Everyone can explore the tunnels

While everyone can explore the tunnels, werewolves and other occults of the night will have an easier time.

Regular Sims can explore the tunnels too, but it’s more dangerous for them. Additionally, they won’t be able to access the same goodies.

Quick travel between tunnel entrances

You can also unlock the ability to quick travel between the tunnel entrances
that are in the world. You can also teach that to other Sims.

That ability is called Tunneler. Basically, you can travel around by digging tunnels. You can use this ability to make a grand entrance or a quick escape.

Secret tunnel entrances

There are three entrances to the secret tunnels of Moonwood Mill: the Sparring Ground Portal Potties, the sewers gate and the bunker entrance.

The first entrance is the Sparring Ground Portal Potties. Go to the public toilets near the Sparring Ground, and select the toilet with the open door. Then, select Explore Underground Tunnels.


The graffitied arrow inside the potty stalls indicates you’re about to enter a dark underground passageway.


The second entrance is a sewers grate. Select the gate and click on Explore Underground Tunnels.

The third entrance is a bunker entrance and it’s hidden deep into the woods. Locate it, click on the entrance and then select Explore Underground Tunnels.

Explore The Garlic Room

If you enter the tunnels using the Sparring Ground Potties entrance, at some point, the tunnel will spit into three paths.


You’ve got three options: Follow the Magic Melody, Head Towards the Garlic or get out of the tunnel. Whichever option you select, the tunnel will further split into different paths at some point.


Select Navigate the Debris to keep exploring the tunnels. The game will then ask you if you want to go to the Garlic Room.


If you select Head Towards the Garlic, you’ll find a Garlic Room that you can further explore. There must be a reason why there’s braided garlic cloves dangling from the walls.

Aren’t you curious to find out why there’s garlic in the tunnels?

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