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The Sims 4 Werewolves brings 5 cool new lots


There are 5 new lots in Sims 4 Werewolves: three residential lots, one town library lot and one hangout lot where the townies can spend time together.

Sims 4 Werewolves lot map

The world of Moonwood Mill includes the following lots:

  • New Moon Shack
    • Lot size: 20×15
  • The Volkov Residence
    • Lot size: 40×30
  • Prowler’s Patch
    • Lot size: 30×30
  • Moonwood Mill Library
    • Lot size: 40×30
  • Grimtooth Bar & Bunker
    • Lot size: 50×40


New Moon Shack

This is an excellent starting point for your Werewolf.

This little house may not seem like much but for the Sim who’s looking for some soft solitude and fresh air, living here can be quite… transformative.

Prowler’s Patch

If you’re looking for a bigger lot to settle down, this is the perfect choice for you.

This inviting plot just off the Moonwood River and across from the local library is the perfect place for any Sim looking to settle down in a small town.

Inspire the fresh scent of woodland pine under the full moon and pay no mind to the creatures lurking about and the incessant howling coming from every direction.

On second thought, maybe this would be a great commercial venue for the denizens who already live there!

The Volkov Residence

The Volkov Residence is the place where the Volkov family live. The Collective Cabin is located on the outskirts of Lake Lunkiv. As a quick reminder, this lake turns magical during full moon nights.

Nestled on the outskirts of Lake Lunkiv, Kristopher Volkov created a home for himself and those in need.

He’s made room for all who have joined him over the years, with the homey garden and shed out back ensuring those who live here can live a self-sustainable lifestyle in peaceful solitude.

Moonwood Mill Library

Visit this lot to read werewolf books and talk to Wolfgang, the local librarian to learn interesting pieces of lore.

The Moonwood Mill community has repurposed an old logging factory into their very own local library.

Its open and airy structure make it the perfect location to curl up with a book or watch a view of the night sky, and out back the Wildfangs have dragged old workout equipment into the former loading dock for a handy make-shift gym.

Grimtooth Bar & Bunker

This is the place where the townies gather and mingle. Everybody’s welcome. The bar owner is Celene Lopez.

In a town split by ideas, the newly established Grimtooth Bar is Celene’s vision for the future – a friendly, neutral locale where all Sims – Werewolf or not – can gather and mingle.

Though the scrapped together venue may be a recent addition, the “secret” bunker out back isn’t. The hairier inhabitants of Moonwood Mill have long considered it as a local haven for curious eyes, and perhaps something more…

Are you ready to explore the mysterious world of Moonwood Mill?

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