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The Sims 4 Werewolves: How to join a pack


If you don’t want to be a lone wolf, you can join one of the two packs from Moonwood Mill. First, you need to befriend the leader, and then go through some trials to prove yourself to them. After getting accepted, make sure to adhere closely to the pack values.

Befriend the leader

Once you know what pack you want to join, the first step is to gain the official “Friend of the pack” status. You can do that by befriending the leader of the pack.

That’s Kristopher for the Moonwood Collective or Rory for The Wildfangs.

Any Sims, werewolf or non-werewolf, irrespective of their age, can
can become a friend of the packs.

You can be friends with only one of the packs or both of them, if you like.

Offer gifts to become friends faster

You can also give the pack leader all sorts of gifts to become friends faster, such as the Tamed Cowplant Jawbone. This is a relic that has mysterious engravings on it.

Only werewolves who have experienced a Lunar Epiphany can decipher those symbols.

Participate in pack activities

After becoming friends with the pack, you can participate in some of the pack-related activities.

For example, you can use the facilities at the pack shed. You can rest there, wash up or use the restroom.

You’re a friend, but not an insider yet.

Go through trials to get accepted as a pack member


If you want to join them as a fully-fledged pack member, you need to go through some trials to prove yourself to the leader.

There’s a list of trials available. You need to complete three of them to
get accepted as a pack member.

They might ask you to show off one of the new werewolf abilities you’ve learned or contribute to the pack in some way.

For example, they may ask you to spar with the leader, give excellent quality food, give a rare collectible, demonstrate the pack howl, demonstrate scavenging or experience Lunar Epiphany.

After completing the three trials, you can ask the leader to officially join the pack.

Once you get accepted, you’ll earn the rank of Omega. That’s the lowest ranking member of the pack.

Congrats! You’re in!

Perform actions that align with the pack’s values

Each pack cares about different werewolf behaviors and have different priorities.

Performing actions that align with the pack values keeps you in good standing with the pack, helps you rise in the ranks and advance in the hierarchy.

Going against these values will result in being disciplined by the pack leader.
This includes demoting and even being kicked out of the pack.

What to do once you’re in a pack


There are a lot of things you can do once you’re in a pack. You can:

  • Contribute to Pack Resources
  • Check Pack Resources
  • Call Packmates to Hangout
  • Use Facilities
  • Focus Camera on Pack Leader
  • Hang out: Do a super cool lean against the Pack Hangout

Additional interactions include:

  • Share Werewolf Experience
  • Werewolf Spar at the Sparring Grounds
  • Ask About Werewolf Packs
  • Share concerns about Greg


Werewolf pack ranks


The lowest pack rank. They need to prove themselves before enjoying additional pack benefits.

In addition to getting to know your packmates more, you should pay very close attention to your pack’s values. Upholding them is the key to ranking up.


You’re a bit more experienced but still have a lot to learn. Keep on learning new werewolf abilities.


Pack members trust you and rely on you. You’re second-in-command.


Alfa is the highest rank. Only werewolves with exceptional leadership skills can become leaders.

By the way, the Wildfang Renegate aspiration challenges you to overthrow Rory and become the leader of the Wildfangs.

Are you up to the task?

Joining The Wildfangs

Before joining the Wildfangs, you need to understand they gladly embrace all aspects of Werewolf life, including Fury.

As a pack member, you’re expected to contribute to the pack and help out.

Second, you need to constantly work to improve yourself as a Werewolf. You can do that by unlocking new abilities.

Third, you need to get outside of Moonwood Mill and maximize the pack’s impact everywhere.

Values that The Wildfangs hold dear:

Pack participation

Maintain good relationships with your packmates, give plenty of Packmate Gifts, and contribute to pack resources at The Hangout.

Expand and Explore

Explore the Moonwood Underground, travel to remote or hard-to-reach locales. Mark your territory, and meet non-Werewolf Sims that
 have something… different about them.


Improve yourself! Redefine what it means to be a strong Werewolf all-around! Get fit and spar with packmates, level up to higher tiers of Werewolf, read Werewolf books from around Moonwood Mill, unlock your Dormant abilities, and maybe even Provoke Greg for the ultimate challenging fight.


To join a werewolf pack in The Sims 4, you need to first become friends with the leader. Then, go through some trials to prove yourself to the leader. After completing the trials, ask them to join the pack and confirm you’ll adhere to the pack values.

Joining a pack unlocks a plethora of additional werewolf interactions.

Which of the two packs are you planning to join? Let me know in the comments below.

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