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The Sims 4: What career should I choose for a werewolf?


Werewolves with the Anti-Capitalist temperament hate the rat-race with all their being. They can’t hold down jobs. Fury gain can be very problematic for werewolves as it can affect their job performance.

Let’s explore what career paths werewolf Sims can embrace.

What’s the best career path for a werewolf in Sims 4?

The best career paths for werewolves are those focused on fitness or jobs they can work from home or outdoors. Night jobs are an excellent choice too. Werewolves tend to excel in the Athlete or Military career. They have excellent fitness skills and a strong sense of hierarchy.

When selecting a job for your werewolf Sim, think about the effects of a transformation at the wrong time. For example, if a Sim pursuing a medical career turns into a werewolf while assessing patients, things could go very wrong for everyone.

Additionally, take temperaments and abilities into consideration when choosing a specific career path. Make sure they’re compatible with the career you’re interested in.

For example, werewolves with the Enhanced Smell ability can use their nose to sense the emotions of other Sims. They’d make for excellent detectives.

Werewolves with negative temperaments and traits can successfully embrace a criminal career. They can use their fangs to threaten other Sims.

Some werewolves are shy and family-oriented. They need work-from-home jobs that leave them plenty of time to spend time with their family.

They typically prefer jobs that don’t require too much social contact.

If you’re planning to join the Moonwood Collective, you can also focus on a farming career. This pack places a high value on self-sufficiency.

Excellent career choices for werewolves in Sims 4

  • Athlete: Fitness-based, werewolves gain more skill from fitness activities when working out under a waxing crescent moon
  • Dog Trainer: Werewolves can get dogs to howl and should have an easier time training them
  • Criminal: Fitness based, this is an excellent career choice for the Wildfangs
  • Collector: Outdoorsy, the Scavenger ability will come in handy
  • Fisherman: Outdoorsy, having fresh fish in your inventory will come in handy when your werewolf wants raw meat
  • Detective: Fitness-based, the Enhanced smell ability will come in handy
  • Entertainer: You can perform at the Grimtooth bar for tips
  • Military: Fitness-based, werewolves have a strong sense of hierarchy
  • Mixologist: You can work at the Grimtooth bar as a bartender
  • Photographer: You can focus on wilderness photography

Hit the comments below and tell me more about the career path that your werewolf Sim is pursuing.

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