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Sims 4: Werewolves can use their nose to detect occults


If you want to experience the werewolf lifestyle, you can turn your Sim into a creature of the night. You can then level up their abilities to unlock new werewolf skills.

How does Enhanced Smell work for werewolves?

Sims that have reached the Runt ranking can unlock the Enhanced smell ability. You can use this skill to sniff out treasures, sense the emotions of other Sims or detect occults.

With a new heightened ability to smell, Sim can put their nose to the ground and smell emotions on other Sims, sniff out treasure buried in the backyard, or detect nearby occult sims. Some things smell better than others, so get out there and sniff!

You also need to unlock the Scavenger ability to be able to dig for treasures. Use these two abilities to find secret books and learn more about werewolf lore. For example, Greg’s diary is lying around in Moonwood Mill waiting for you to find it.

Occults leave specific scent trails in Sims 4

Each occult gives off a specific smell. Werewolves with the Enhanced Smell ability can immediately detect it. The smell is also accompanied by a unique color cloud that appears around Sims.

For example, normal Sims have a yellow cloud around then, while aliens are shrouded in a purple cloud.

List of occult smell colors in Sims 4

  • Normal Sims: Yellow
  • Aliens: Purple
  • Mermaids: Blue
  • Spellcasters:  Rainbow
  • Vampires: Black and purple
  • Werewolves: Brownish red
  • Servos and skeletons: None

When werewolves detect the smell of a vampire, they’ll also get the Dangerous Scent moodlet. As you’ve probably guessed by now, werewolves don’t get along well with vampires.

Have you tried out the Enhanced Smell ability? Do you find it handy? Let me know in the comments below.

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