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Sims 4: Where to find raw meat for hungry werewolves


Werewolves that have the Carnivore temperament need copious amounts of raw meat to feel happy. They’ll quickly gain Fury if they eat anything other than fresh meat.

To make things more complicated, werewolves are pretty picky. They prefer the raw meat that they have hunted.

They can’t eat raw meat from the grocery store. It has to be fresh meat that they hunted.

Keeping a few servings of raw meat in your werewolf’s inventory for them to eat when fresh meat is scarce is always a good idea. You can also eat fresh fish from your inventory. That counts as fresh meat as well.

Here’s how to get fresh meat in Sims 4.

Go hunting and eat raw meat

To be able to go hunting and eat raw meat, your werewolf needs to level up and unlock the Hunter ability. This skill is available under the Runt skill tree. Werewolves with the Hunter ability can go hunting out in nature’s buffet whenever they’re hungry.

Simply click on your Sim, select Werewolf, and then click on Hunt for food.

Keep in mind that you need Ability Points to unlock this perk.

Veteran werewolves can also unlock the Hunting Party ability and lead group hunts. Teamwork makes the dream work.

The Nightvision skill will also come in handy when hunting allowing werewolves to spend less time hunting for prey at night.

If you have Cottage Living installed, keep in mind that werewolves can eat chickens right from of the coop.

Redditor MeeMaul has unloaded a very interesting image of their werewolf eating a rooster.


Image: MeeMaul

⇒ Quick Tip: If you’re planning to win the Finchwick Fair competition, you can enter your own hens into the fair and then eat the competition – literally.

Go fishing

Fish counts as fresh meat in The Sims 4. If your Werewolf needs to eat fresh meat, have them go fishing. They can then eat the fish from the inventory to quell their hunger for fresh meat.

A Carnivore werewolf in the early stages has very limited access to fresh meat. The only thing they can do is go fishing. Set your werewolf to fish and when they catch one, select the option to devour the fish.

Order Steak Tartare at the Grimtooth Bar

If you’re looking for a quick solution, you can also order a steak at the Grimtooth Bar. Celene Lopez is an excellent cook and she’ll serve you excellent Steak Tartare. Werewolves love this raw meat dish.


Voracious Hunger instantly quells hunger

If you can’t get your hands on raw meat, having the Voracious Hunger ability helps tremendously. Werewolves that possess this ability can eat anything that is considered an object to quell their hunger.


If your Werewolf Sim is in desperate need for fresh meat, go hunting or fishing. Send your werewolf out hunting, and they’ll will bring back raw steaks. Click on a fresh fish in your inventory, eat it and that counts as fresh meat as well. Alternatively, you can also order a Steak Tartare at the bar.

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