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The Sims 4 Eco-Lifestyle Q&A Roundup

SimGurus answered a bunch of questions from fans regarding the Eco-Lifestyle expansion pack. We gathered all the answers in this guide.

Sims 4 Eco-Lifestyle Q&A

  • There are no missions in Evergreen Harbor.
  • Cross-pack support for cross-pack gameplay is available.
  • There will be plenty of lots in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle although their exact number is still unknown. But there will be more than 5 lots. SimGuruFrost said on Twitter: We’ll have lots of lots for you lot.
  • Sims can grow their own worms and other small insects and use them in various recipes. Yes, you read that right: worms. But you can’t give them any names.
  • Sims can grow verticals gardens and even vertical Meat Walls. And that’s cruelty-free meat.
  • Community Spaces are compatible with other worlds and players can set them on other worlds as well.

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  • Eco-Lifestyle has new NPCs that are core to the pack theme.
  • You can delete premade Sims but the game will get a randomized Sim in the world to fill that role.
  • Nectar making is returning as SimGuruFrost hinted  on Twitter. This means you can get your Sims drunk.
  • You can create hand-made candles and sell them to get some extra money. Other hand-made things can be bought and sold on Plopsy.
  • Woohooing in dumpster is available — if you fancy that location.
  • Ladders are available as a base game and Eco-Lifestyle has its own ladder variant. SimGuruGeorge confirmed that. He also added that gamers get to choose where they place their ladders. You can build them inside or outside.ladders sims 4 eco-lifestyle
  • New eyebrow and nostril piercings are now available.
  • Your Sims will wear paper head bags when the neighborhood action plan begins to roll out. But only the Sims following the plan will put on the paper bags. You can read more about the NAP in this guide.the sims 4 eco-lifestyle paper head bag
  • If you want to swim in Eco-Lifestyle, you need to build a pool. As SimGuruGeorge explained, all the water is either shipping lanes or a closed down quarry.

And know you know.

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