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The Sims 4 FAQ: Can Sims from different worlds meet?

can sims travel between worlds?

Worlds are key elements in The Sims 4 architecture. Each world is made up of one or several lots where Sims live. To simplify things up think of worlds as maps.

Can Sims from different worlds meet? Sims living in different worlds can meet without any problem. This means that Sims can travel between worlds and Sims from Sulani can interact with Sims from Del Sol Valley for example. All this is possible because worlds are not self-contained.

Each expansion pack and game pack comes with their own specific worlds. So, if you already grew tired of the current world, you can get a new game pack to explore new worlds.

How to travel between worlds

To help your Sim travel between worlds and meet new Sims, select their phone and then select the Travel option. You can also invite other Sims to join you.

Sims can visit any locations on any other worlds. There are no limitations in place as to who can go where.

Another method to travel to another world is to arrange an event that takes place in another world and select a pick location. The catch is that oftentimes these events have goals attached and might not be accessible for all Sims or it may take longer for your Sims to get there.

Keep in mind that players cannot create custom worlds or change world neighborhoods. However, individual lots can be re-designed.

How many worlds does Sims 4 have? The Sims 4 currently supports 14 worlds with Britechester being the latest addition. Britechester became available on November 15, 2019 alongside the game’s Discover University Expansion Pack.

Here is the complete list of Sims 4 worlds:

  1. Willow Creek
  2. Oasis Springs
  3. Newcrest
  4. Granite Falls
  5. Windenburg
  6. San Myshuno
  7. Forgotten Hollow
  8. Brindleton Bay
  9. Selvadorada
  10. Del Sol Valley
  11. StrangerVille
  12. Sulani
  13. Glimmerbrook
  14. Britechester

And now you know your Sims can travel freely between all these 14 worlds.

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