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The Sims 4 FAQ: Can Vegetarian Sims Eat Fish?

can vegetarian sims eat fish?

If you’re a vegetarian and you like playing The Sims 4, you can transfer this food preference in the game and create a vegetarian Sim.

But there is one question about vegetarian Sims that still hasn’t got a clear answer.

Can vegetarian Sims eat fish? Vegetarian Sims can’t eat fish. If they do, they will get the nauseous moodlet for two hours. Fish is still meat and vegetarian Sims cannot eat anything meat-related.

Besides making sure there is no meat in the food your Sim eats, you also need to improve your Sim’s cooking skills. Make sure they learn to cook as many vegetarian dishes as possible. Vegetarian Sims actively avoid eating dishes that contain meat but from time to time they might accidentally eat fish which will make them feel sick. Not only that, but they will also feel guilty and sad.

While creating a vegetarian Sim brings some extra responsibilities in terms of the food they can eat, there is one particular advantage that you cannot ignore. Vegetarian Sims live longer than non-vegetarian Sims and they enjoy better health.

Speaking of that, they can also promote vegetarianism and discuss about the benefits of a vegetarian diet with other Sims.

Vegetarian Sims are also easier to satisfy. They will often feel very happy after eating a good vegetarian meal.You’ll know when your vegetarian Sim is hungry: broccoli-themed speech bubbles will appear on the screen.

There is also a special option for vegetarian Sims. They can hire a vegetarian caterer when clicking on refrigerators and stoves to make sure the food delivered is in line with their food choices.


Eating fish not vegetarian. Fish meat comes from an animal and is still meat. If your vegetarian Sim accidentally eat fish, they will feel sick and sad for two Sim hours. Rest assured, they won’t die but they will be feeling nauseous for a while.

And now you know.

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