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Faith vs Intelligence in Elden Ring: Which one to choose?


Faith and Intelligence are two of the eight stats or attributes in Elden Ring. They’re both used for Magic builds. Depending on your play style, you may want to focus on increasing Faith, Intelligence or both. Faith is pretty versatile but less effective offensively, while Intelligence helps you deal more Magic damage.

Faith vs Intelligence: Main differences

  • Intelligence is offensive, Faith is defensive
  • Use Intelligence to deal Magic damage from a distance
  • Faith spells are typically short to mid range
  • Intelligence governs cosmic-themed spells
  • Faith governs spells based on earthly elements

Intelligence governs offensive, damage-based spells or sorceries, while Faith governs defensive and support incantations. If you favor an aggressive play style, focus on increasing Intelligence to deal more Magic damage. If you’re looking to boost your defense, you need to increase Faith.

Intelligence-based spells include long range spells and all the cosmic-themed spells. They allow you to deal Magic damage from above. These include Meteorite spells, Gravity spells, Glintstone spells, and so on. They also include utility spells that allow you to move undetected, distract enemies, enchant your weapons, and so on.

Faith-governs spells are based on earthly elements. Examples of Faith-governed incantations include Lightning spells, Fire spells, Rock spells and so on. Support spells such as healing incantations, or status ailment cures are also governed by Faith.

Dragon spells are governed by Faith as well.

→ Important Note: Keep in mind that some spells also require Arcane to cast.

Of course, if you want to become an unbeatable caster, you can increase both Faith and Intelligence. But if you want to make a full-caster build, Intelligence is your best bet.

Or maybe you want to try out a Hybrid Melee build and focus on a mix of Dexterity and Intelligence, or Dexterity and Faith. Making a Hybrid Melee build is a lot of fun. You can infuse melee weapons with Ashes of War and scale them with Intelligence and Faith.

Do you favor Intelligence or Faith in Elden Ring? Let me know in the comments below.

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