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Elden Ring: What does Arcane do?


Arcane is an important attribute in Elden Ring that affects your character’s capabilities, such as strengths and weaknesses. It primarily governs the Discovery stat increasing your character’s chances of finding various items after taking out enemies. In other words, the more Arcane points your character has, the higher their Discovery rate, and chances of finding rare items.

Arcane affects Vitality, lowering Instant Death occurrences. Simply put, leveling up Arcane increases the chances of not being killed during attacks that would normally take you out.

It also affects Holy Defense, reducing damage from Holy Damage sources. Arcane modifies the effectiveness and damage of certain Spells. The most powerful spells require 26 Arcane points.

Players also need to use Arcane points to equip certain weapons. Each Arcane point further increases weapon damage.

How do I increase Arcane in Elden Ring?

To increase Arcane, you need to spend a specific amount of Runes at Sites of Grace. The amount of Runes you need to spend depends on your character’s level. You can unlock the ability to increase Arcane after meeting Melina for the first time.

Players can earn runes by defeating enemies and bosses. By the way, Bandit has the highest starting Arcane of all the characters. You may want to select this starting class in you’re interested in getting an Arcane head-start.

While you may not want to specialize in Arcane, you can use the trait to enhance the effectiveness and damage of your weapons and spells. You can also use various Talismans to improve weapon and spell efficiency.

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