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Can I beat Elden Ring without Magic? Definitely!


There are 10 different classes that you can choose from in Elden Ring. Each class comes with a particular set of characteristics. Some classes favor a Strength or Magic build while others are hybrid classes offering a mix of the two.

Elden Ring features a plethora of amazing spells and incantations. But many players are wondering if beating the game without Magic is doable. Let’s find out!

Is it possible to beat Elden Ring without using Magic?

You can beat Elden Ring without using Magic. However, some of the endgame bosses will be very difficult to beat if you’re using Melee only. You’ll need multiple attempts to defeat them. If you’re using absolutely no magic, dump all your stats into Health and Damage. This will help you deal devasting damage and survive enemy attacks.

To make your task easier, equip your weapons with the Bloodhound Step Ash of War. This is the best Ash of War for Melee builds. There are also plenty of talismans for Melee that can enhance your weapons’ capabilities and help you deal additional damage.

Keep in mind that Ashes of War are enchantments, they’re not not spells or incantations. Of course, if you don’t want to use enchantments either, you can only use Melee Talismans. If you’re really up for the challenge, don’t use any of these. Focus only on leveling up your weapons and boosting your stats.

Additionally, if you’re using only Melee weapons, you may sometimes need to resort to some cheesing tactics to defeat stubborn bosses.

Not using summons when you’re facing multiple opponents will be extremely challenging though.

Dual-wield and Power Stance

You can also use the Power Stance to access additional moves when dual-wielding. To enable this option, simply equip the same weapon in both hands. The game will automatically switch over to a power stance move set when you do this. Then, press L1 to use the Power Stance moves.

Power Stance moves can help you deal extremely high damage by hitting bosses and enemies with both weapons simultaneously. However, the catch is that you can’t use a shield to defend yourself.


You can beat Elden Ring without Magic but you’ll have trouble defeating the endgame bosses. The best strategy is to dump all your stats into Health and Damage. Make sure to level up your weapons so as to deal more damage.

Have you managed to beat Elden Ring without using spells and incantations? Tell me more about your experience in the comments below.

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