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Elden Ring: Rock spells can deal huge physical damage


If you want to deal physical damage to your enemies in Elden Ring, you can use Rock spells to get the job done. Make it rain rocks from the skies upon your enemies to quickly finish them off. Let’s explore what Rock spells you can use in the game.

What kind of Rock spells can I use in Elden Ring?

There are two main Rock spells that you can use in Elden Ring: Rock Sling and Rock Blaster. The first spell sends rock flying at your opponents, while the latter creates a powerful shockwave in the ground. Casting them requires Intelligence. You can find both spells in the Caelid Region.

Rock Sling


Use this spell to pull rocks from the ground and send them flying at your enemies. You can cast this spell while in motion. Use it when dealing with a large group of enemies.


You can find the Rock Sling spell in an underground tomb near the Streets of Sage Ruins in the Caelid region.


Casting the Rock Sling spell requires 18 Intelligence Points.

Rock Blaster


Use this spell to concentrate your character’s power into a magic funnel that you can then thrust into the ground to generate a powerful shockwave. This is a handy spell use to when dealing with multiple enemies. You can also charge it to increase AoE.


You can find this spell  in the Sellia Crystal Tunnel in the Caelid Region. Open the chest inside the storage shed to unlock the spell.


To cast the Rock Blaster spell, you need 30 FP Points, and 21 Intelligence Points. The spell has a relatively high FP cost. Be sure to replenish your FP as quickly as possible.

By the way, you can also use Gravity spells and Meteorite spells in addition to Rock spells. Target your enemies and watch them vanish.

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