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How do Ashes of War work in Elden Ring?


If you want to become unbeatable on the Elden Ring battlefield, you need to master the use of Ashes of War. Let’s explore what’s so special about these items, and how you can efficiently use them in combat.

What do Ashes of War do in Elden Ring?

Ashes of War allow you to change you weapon skills and affinities to match the scaling of your equipment to your character’s Stats. In other words, Ashes of War add new skills and capabilities to your weapons and shields in order to adapt your gear to new situations and playstyle.

Can you change Ashes of War in Elden Ring?

You can change your Ashes of War at any Site of Grace. First, you need to collect the Whetstone Knife in order to be able to change your Ashes of War. Infuse your weapons with the Ash that works best with your stats, playstyle and goals.

  1. Visit the Site of Grace.
  2. Select the Ashes of War menu.
  3. Preview the effect of the Ash on your Weapon or Shield.
  4. Infuse it onto your weapon.

Weapons you cannot infuse with Ashes of War

The following weapons cannot be infused with Ashes of War:

  • Glintstone Staves
  • Sacred Seals
  • Dragonscale Blade

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Where to find Ashes of War

There are three ways you can get Ashes of War in Elden Ring: collect them from dead enemies and bosses, buy them from NPCs or loot them off corpses.

The good news is that the place where enemies and bosses drop Ashes of War are always the same. This means you can go back to the respective locations whenever you need some extra Ashes of War.

Are Ashes a one-time-use in Elden Ring?

You can infuse one Ash of War to one particular weapon or shield at a time. To reassign the same Ash of War to a different weapon or shield, you need to remove it from the current weapon, move it back to the Ashes of War tab, and then infuse it to a different weapon.

How to duplicate Ashes of War

You can duplicate any of the Ashes of War available in your inventory using a special Ash called Lost Ashes of War. You can get this special item from the blacksmith. You can then exchange Lost Ashes of War to duplicate another Ash of War you have in your inventory.

Which Ashes are the best in Elden Ring?

The Glintblade Phalanx and Giant Hunt are two of the best Ashes of War that you can use in Elden Ring. Use the Glintblade Phalanx with swords and you’ll get four additional swords to deal major damage to your enemy’s stance. If all four swords hit the target, you only need one or two casts of Glintblade Phalanx to break your enemy’s stance and defeat them.

Infuse thrusting-capable colossal weapons, spears, and twinblades with Giant Hunt Ashes and use them against gigantic enemies and bosses. You can then use momentum to deliver strong upward hits.

List of Ashes of War, effects and weapon compatibility in Elden Ring

Ash of War Effect Weapon Compatibility
Assassin’s Gambit Mask your presence at the cost of a self-inflicted wound Small and medium straight swords and thrusting swords
Barrage Fire a rapid succession of shots faster than the speed of light Light bows
Barricade Shield Focus energy into the shield to deflect strong blows All Shields
Beast’s roar Unleash a strong roar that turns air itself into a projectile All melee weapons
Black Flame Tornado Summon a raging vortex of black flames Polearms and twinblades
Bloody Slash Coat the weapon blade in your own blood to increase damage Swords, except colossal weapons
Carian Grandeur Turn your blade into a magical Greatsword Swords, except colossal weapons
Charge Forth Use momentum to deliver quick charges
Thrusting-capable polearms, heavy thrusting swords, and twinblades
Chilling Mist Coat weapon in frost, and spread frigid mist Melee weapons, except whips, fists, and claws
Cragblade Reinforce weapons with earth and make them stronger All melee weapons, except whips
Determination Power up your next attack All melee weapons
Enchanted Shot Infuse arrows with a spiritual essence to follow the target Light bows and longbows
Endure Brace for incoming attacks, reduce damage during attacks All melee weapons
Eruption Spawn lava on the ground Colossal swords, axes, and hammers
Flaming Strike Coat your weapon in fire Melee weapons, except colossal weapons and whips
Giant Hunt Use it against gigantic enemies, use momentum to deliver strong upward hit
Thrusting-capable large and colossal weapons, spears, and twinblades
Glintblade Phalanx Bring glintstone blades over your head and attack nearby enemies Thrusting-capable polearms, except colossal weapons
Glintstone Pebble Skill Glintstone sorcery
Swords and thrusting-capable polearms except colossal weapons
Golden Parry Increase parry power Shields
Golden Slam Jump and slam on ground to send shockwave Melee weapons, except whips, fists, and claws
Golden Vow Increase your and your allies’ attack power and defense All melee weapons
Gravitas Pierce the ground to create a surge of gravity that draws enemies in Mediume-sized melee weapons
Ground Slam Jump into the air, crash down, and release powerful shockwave All melee weapons
Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker Slam both hands onto the ground and unleash strong shockwave All melee weapons
Hoarfrost Stomp Create freezing mist on the ground and enable frost status effect All melee weapons
Impaling Thrust Strong thrust that pierces enemy’s guard Thrusting-capable weapons except colossal weapons
Kick Deliver high kick to break enemy’s stance All melee weapons
Lifesteal Fist Slow, controlled punch to render human-build enemies unconscious and steals their HP Fists and claws
Lightning Ashes of War Deliver lightning attacks with your sword Colossal swords
Lightning Ram Tumble forwards clad in lightning All melee weapons
Lightning Slash Deliver explosive attacks Swords, axes, and hammers
Lion’s Claw Jump forward and quickly strike enemies
Swords, axes, and hammers, except small weapons and thrusting swords
Loretta’s Slash Infuse the blade with glintstone, and deliver a sweeping slash Polearms and twinblades
Mighty Shot Deliver strong archery strikes to penetrate enemy’s guard Light bows and longbows
No Skill Use the skill of the other weapon Shields and torches
None Empty Ashes of War, Smithing Master Hewg can use it to recreate other ashes N/A
Parry Skill Deflect enemy melee attack and break their stance
Daggers, curved swords, thrusting swords, fists, claws, small and medium shields
Poisonous Mist Coat your weapon in poison, and spread toxic mist Melee weapons, except whips, fists, and claws
Prayerful Strike Restore HP to self and nearby allies Axes and hammers
Quickstep Circle around lock-on targets All melee weapons
Repeating Thrust Twist to build power, and unleash a flurry of thrusts All thrusting armaments except colossal weapons
Sacred Blade Infuses holy essence and fires off golden blade projectiles All melee weapons
Sacred Order Infuse weapon with holy essence All melee weapons
Sacred Ring of Light Create sacred ring of light and then fire it forward Polearms, except great spears
Seppuku Stain weapon with your own blood to increases blood loss on enemies
Swords and thrusting-capable polearms, except small and colossal weapons
Spinning Slash Spin your body delivering a powerful attack Swords, axes, and polearms, except colossal weapons
Spinning Weapon Bring weapon to mid-air, make it spin and deliver successive attacks
Small and medium swords, axes, hammers, polearms, staves, except great spears
Square Off Slash upwards through enemy’s guard or perform a running thrust Straight swords
Stamp (Sweep) Get into a low stance and then deliver a strong sweeping strike Big swords, axes, and hammers
Stamp (Upward Cut) Get into a low stance and then deliver an upward strike Big swords, axes, and hammers
Storm Assault Deliver fast and powerful blows Swords
Storm Blade Wrap your weapon in a stormy blade and fire it successively All standard slashing weapons
Storm Stomp Stomp on the ground to create a temporary storm All melee weapons
Storm Wall Swing your shield to create a wall of storm winds and deflect arrows and projectiles Small and medium shields
Sword Dance Spin upward slashes combined with a final downward slash
Swords, axes, and polearms capable of slashing, except colossal weapons and great spears
Thops’s Barrier Create a forcefield with your shield to deflect sorceries and incantations Small and medium shields
Thunderbolt Call down a bolt of lightning All melee weapons
Unsheathe Perform swift slash attack Katana
Vow of the Indomitable Use shield to infuse yourself with golden power and gain momentary invincibility Shields
War Cry Give a war cry, increase attack power
Melee weapons except daggers, thrusting swords, and whips
Wild Strikes Swing weapon and deliver strong attacks Axes and Hammers

And now you know.

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