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How to cast powerful Faith spells in Elden Ring


Faith is one of the main attributes in Elden Ring. It mainly affects your character’s ability to cast Spells and Incantations and equip the weapons required to cast them. Let’s explore what you can do to cast powerful Faith spells in Elden Ring.

How to make your Faith Spells more powerful in Elden Ring

  • Spend Runes to level up Faith. The higher your Faith level, the more effective your spells.
  • You can level up Faith at any Site of Grace.
  • Select a character class that can cast spells right from the start. The Prophet and the Confessor can cast Spells and Incantations right from the beginning.
  • Once you unlock the Roundtable Hold, you’ll meet a merchant that you can buy additional Incantations from.
  • Use weapons with a Faith scaling grade of S. These benefit the most from the Faith Attribute, followed by grade A, B, C, D, and E weapons.

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Best Faith Spells to kill bosses

As you level up your character’s abilities, you’ll be able to cast more powerful spells. Here are some of the best spells you can cast to take out bosses in Elden Ring.

Flame of Frenzy

Flame of Frenzy is a Faith-based incantation that allows you to deal with multiple enemies simultaneously. Use it to make fire erupt from your eyes and deal critical damage to nearby enemies. This spell requires 16 Faith points.

You can get this incantation from a corpse located in Callu Baptismal Church, South of Limgrave in the Weeping Peninsula.

Dragon Claw

Dragon Claw is a powerful Faith-based incantation that allows you to trigger  devastating attacks. Use it during difficult boss fights. Basically, the caster turns into a dragon that can tear through enemies with its claws. The cast time is pretty long.

To get the Dragon Claw incantation, take a Dragon Heart to the Church of Dragon Communion in Limgrave.

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