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Elden Ring: Should I sell Golden Runes?


Golden Runes are consumable items that grant you a specific number or Runes when consumed or sold. There are twenty categories of Golden Runes available in Elden Ring. Their worth ranges from 200 Runes up to 50,000 Runes (Lord’s Rune).

So, what should you do with them? Is selling them a good idea? Let’s find out!

Should I sell Golden Runes in Elden Ring?

You should sell Golden Runes only when you actually intend to spend them. Think of them as a rune savings account. Access them only when you really need to use them. Unlike normal Runes, Golden Runes aren’t lost when you die, they remain in your inventory. Collect as many Golden Runes as you can, store them in your inventory, and sell them only when you really need to use them.

Whether you decide to consume or sell them, Golden Runes give the same amount of Runes. The idea is to stash them in your inventory and use them only when you want to level up or buy something.

If you meet a merchant and don’t have enough Runes to buy the items you want, simply consume Golden Runes until you have enough. When you’re taking on a powerful boss, consume Golden Runes to level up and increase your chances of defeating that boss.

List of Golden Runes and their value

There are 20 different types of Golden Runes in Elden Ring. A category 1 Golden Run is worth 200 Runes. The most valuable one is worth 50,000 Runes.

Golden Rune Type Value
Golden Rune [1] 200
Golden Rune [2] 400
Golden Rune [3] 800
Golden Rune [4] 1,200
Golden Rune [5] 1,600
Golden Rune [6] 2,000
Golden Rune [7] 2,500
Golden Rune [8] 3,000
Golden Rune [9] 3,800
Golden Rune [10] 5,000
Golden Rune [11] 6,250
Golden Rune [12] 7,500
Golden Rune [13] 10,000
Numen’s Rune 12,500
Hero’s Rune [1] 15,000
Hero’s Rune [2] 20,000
Hero’s Rune [3] 25,000
Hero’s Rune [4] 30,000
Hero’s Rune [5] 35,000
Lord’s Rune 50,000

Your Runes disappear when you die

When you die in Elden Ring, all your Runes will disappear. To claim them back, visit the place where you died after respawning.

By the way, if you die in Stormveil Castle,  30 percent of your Runes may suddenly disappear. This is because Gatekeeper Gostoc keeps stealing them. To get your Runes back, you need to kill Gostoc before killing Godrick.

How many Golden Runes do you have in your inventory right now? Let me know in the comments below.

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