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Elden Ring: Sorceries vs Incantations


Elden Ring players can cast a variety of spells that can deal severe damage to enemies. Some of these spells are called sorceries, while others are called incantations. So, what’s the difference between these two magical abilities? Let’s find out!

Differences between Sorceries and Incantations in Elden Ring

  • Sorceries use Intelligence, while Incantations use Faith.
  • Most Sorceries are offensive, focusing on dealing as much damage as possible over a large area.
  • On the other hand, Incantations focus more on healing, buffing, and dealing short-ranged targeted damage.
  • Sorceries use Staff as a catalyst, while Incantations require a Sacred Seal.
  • Sorceries are extremely powerful and generally consume more FP than Incantations.
  • Incantations have pyromancies and Sorceries have meteors.
  • Sorceries look way cooler than Incantations.
  • Incantations don’t track enemies.

Certain starting classes such as the Prisoner or the Confessor can cast spells right from the beginning of the game. If you’re focusing on a Magic-based build, you can select one of these two hybrid classes.

By the way, spell damage varies depending on weather. For example, rain can reduce the efficiency of fire spells.

What magical abilities do you use on a regular basis? What’s the most powerful spell you’ve casted so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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