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Why Won’t my Sims Woohoo? What you can do about it

For your Sims to try for a baby, they need to woohoo first. Well, sometimes this might be easier said than done. Many gamers playing The Sims 4 complained about not being able to get their Sims to woohoo. If you’re in the same situation, keep on reading this guide.

What you’ll learn in this guide:

  • Why your Sims won’t woohoo
  • What conditions need to be met for your Sims to start woohooing
  • How to get Sims to woohoo

Why can’t my Sims woohoo?

For your Sims to woohoo, there is a set of conditions that need to be met first. While these may vary on the type of Sims you’re playing with, but there is a series of general conditions that you should pay attention to. I’ll list them below.

  • Make sure their green and pink bars are high enough.
  • Your Sims need to be in a romantic relationship first.
  • You need to make sure all the other needs of your Sims have been satisfied. For example, if they’re hungry or upset, woohooing is the last thing on their list of priorities.
  • Flirty mood helps to get the action started. Make sure this mood is activated as it significantly increases the chances of the action happening. Keep flirting until they get to that point. Good things take time to happen.
  • If they’re in a double bed, make sure your Sims have access to both sides of the bed. Keep in mind that if one side of the bed is against a wall or a piece of furniture is blocking access to it, the second Sim won’t be able to actually get into bed. Hence, there will be no woohooing taking place.

How to get Sims to woohoo

First of all, make sure that all the conditions listed above have been met. Next, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Keep clicking on romance and the other options related to it until you’ve reached the end of the menu. Woohoo is available on the back of the menu and you need to perform a series of actions until the option becomes available.
  2. Clean the pathways to the double bed and around it to make sure your Sims can get into the bed. Then, click on the double bed and the options Try for a baby or Woohoo with should now be available.
  3. If you’ve got a multiple-story house and you placed all the beds above the first floor, try dropping one on the ground floor. Many gamers said this worked for them so do give it a try. Also, check the staircase is functional and you didn’t accidentally delete it.
  4. Get a new bed. It’s as simple as that. Maybe there is something wrong with the bed itself. Sell it, get a new one and show the new bed to your Sims. This worked for some gamers so it may work for you as well.
  5. Remove all mods to make sure they’re not preventing your Sims from engaging into the action.
  6. If your Sims can’t woohoo in the double bed, try getting them to woohoo in another place or area of the house. Many players confirmed their Sims did the deed in the closet although they kept on refusing to engage in the action in the double bed.


Not being able to get your Sims to woohoo can be very frustrating. In most cases, the issue is bed-related. Some pieces of furniture may block the access to the bed. In some cases, you may need to replace the bed.

Hope something helped.

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