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The Sims 4 FAQ: Can Sims be infertile?

can sims be infertile?

The Sims 4 is an addictive life simulation game that perfectly simulates all the areas of life. Yes, that includes woohooing and children.

But there’s a question that’s been confusing gamers for a long time because there is no clear answer yet. Well, in this post, I’ll attempt to shed some light on this mystery once and for all.

Can Sims be infertile? The short answer is Yes. There is an infertility feature in The Sims 4 so that gamers may prevent their Sims from getting pregnant. Fertility issues may also occur without gamer intervention when the pregnancy lasts longer than it would take for your Sim to hit elderhood. Female Sims can no longer get pregant 3 days before they become an elder.

What you need to know about Sim fertility

Sometimes, gamers need to try for a baby even twenty times before female Sims get pregnant despite meeting all the requirements for triggering successful pregnancies.

Indeed, older Sims have more difficulties having babies than young Sims. In some cases, this game feature might explain the fertility issues some gamers complained about.

Not everyone can have children in real life either and adding such an option to the game give the Sims more depth.

Sims can get pregnant without players even noticing that. In the Sims 4, players can no longer hear the  lullaby song normally played in previous game versions once conception had been successful. Now, the only way to know for sure if pregnancy exists is to use the pregnancy test.

If you’re aiming specifically for twins or triplets, there’s a trick that you can use. That is called a fertility massage.

What is a fertility massage in the Sims 4? A fertility massage is a relaxation technique that gamers can use to increase the chances of a pregnant Sim of having twins or triplets. So, if your Sim wants to have a large family, she will definitely appreciate a fertility massage.

How long does it take for a Sim to give birth? Once she becomes pregnant, your female Sim will give birth in three Sim days. During pregnancy, she does not have to go to work and she benefits from family leave after giving birth.

And now you know.

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