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Can you buy gems in New World?


New World gems are a high-level resource that helps you increase your damage and defense capabilities. The catch is that gems are pretty rare and you need to work hard to get your hands on them.

Can I buy gems in New World?

You can buy gems from another player via Trading Posts. Buying gems from other players is an expensive transaction, so be prepared to shell out a lot of money. You won’t always find gems at Trading Posts. They’re valuable resources and many players prefer not to sell them.

Gems offer handy extra-bonuses on high-level tasks and faction missions.

How to get gems in New World

There are several methods to get your hands on more gems in New World:

  • Loot them from dead players
  • Purchase gems from other players via Trading Posts
  • Craft them yourself
  • Find a supply crate that contains gems

Gems are very hard to find, they’re a very rare resource. Iron deposits are your best bet when it comes to finding gems. Explore the Windsward region and you should be able to find some gems there.

Gems come in four rarity tiers. The rarer the gems, the more powerful the skills they offer.

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List of gems and their effects

  • Amber: You can convert damage to nature/reduce nature damage
  • Amethyst: You can convert damage to void/reduce void damage
  • Aquamarine: You can convert damage to ice/ reduce ice damage
  • Carnelian: Taunts are activated with increased threat/ get up to 10% less threat
  • Diamond: You can deal a lot of damage while at full health/ boost physical and elemental absorption
  • Emerald: You can deal increased damage against opponents with low HP/reduce Thrust damage
  • Jasper: This gem increases damage after three consecutive hits/increases Strike resistance
  • Malachite: You can deal more damage against CC-afflicted enemies/ reduce Elemental damage
  • Moonstone: This gems helps you deal increased damage when health is below 30 percent/ reduce Slash damage
  • Onyx: Enemies with full health will take more damage/ increase your damage resistance
  • Opal: Increases damage capabilities when stamina is low/ increases Elemental absorption
  • Ruby: You can convert damage to fire/resists fire
  • Sapphire: You can convert damage to arcane/ arcane resistance
  • Topaz: You can convert damage to lightning/develop lightning resistance

What’s your favorite gem? What’s the most efficient method to get gems in New World? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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