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New World: Can you tank without sword and shield?


In gaming, tanking means luring enemies away from your team mates. The aim is to help them complete the mission. The tank character sacrifices their own health for the greater good of the team. They’re the ones distracting enemies and taking in damage.

Many New World players are wondering if it’s possible to tank without using a sword or shield. Let’s find out!

Can I tank without a sword and shield in New World?

Tanking without a Sword and Shield is not a viable option in New World. You can’t tank without a Shield in this game. Use the shield to parry enemy attacks and avoid taking in too much damage. Use your sword to deal a lot of damage fast and precisely. A Sword and Shield combo is your best option.

Without a shield, you can’t block ranged attacks or magic. A shield helps you mitigate the amount of stamina lost with every hit taken. As a quick reminder, if you run out of stamina, you can’t block or do special attacks.

The character in charge of tanking is the one taking in damage. You need to make sure you can survive the enemy attack. To do that, you need to ensure your armor and shield are strong enough to help you survive enemy attacks. Secondly, you need to be able to restore your health really quickly.

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Other options for your second weapon

You can also use an axe or spear as your second weapon when tanking. Spears have decent CC, and the Great Hammer has excellent CC. Hatchets have a very strong self healing ability.

You can also use a musket as a tank weapon. That’s an excellent choice, especially when you get low. The musket focuses on mobility more than other weapons. Musket users can use traps to immobilize enemies. This weapon also gives players increased movement speed if any enemy is within 8 meters, as well as 30 percent movement speed buff when dodging an attack.

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Weapon combos when tanking in New World

  • Sword and Shield, plus Hammer.
  • Sword and Shield, plus Great Axe is the perfect choice if AoE is your priority. It adds a lot of punch. When used properly, this combo can deliver massive hit leaving your enemies unable to dodge.
  • Sword and Shield, plus Rapier is an excellent choice for the Spriggan.
  • Use the Hammer and Great Axe for maximum Damage per Second (DPS)

And now you know.

By the way, if you use a different combo when tanking, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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