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New World bugs: What players are complaining about


New World is out and many MMO fans already joined the ranks. Unfortunately, New World is plagued by a a long list of potential issues and bugs that might ruin your gaming experiencing. I’m sure Amazon will soon roll out a major update to patch all these annoying bugs. Until then, let’s explore what users are complaining about.

List of major New World issues and glitches

Login Error – TooManyRequestsException

Many players complained about getting “TooManyRequestsException” errors while being queued for login to New World’s servers.

As Amazon explains, to fix “TooManyRequestsException” errors in New World, you need to confirm the error message. Then keep waiting on the character screen for 2-5 minutes. The game should automatically switch you back to your queue slot.

Launch Error – Product Information not found

Some of you may occasionally get the “Product information not found” error when attempting to launch New World. Try turning IPv6 off and check if this solution saves the day.

For additional fixes, see Fix New World “Product information not found” error.

New World achievements not unlocking

Players can’t earn achievements and equip titles. For example, those that joined faction have yet to receive their achievements. The game simply says that “No achievements are completed yet“.

Did not receive achievement for joining faction, and did not receive titles for joining faction. I’ve noticed that sometimes it randomly gives me an achievement I did not actually get (like the 60 hours played achievement, even though at the time of writing this I have 17 hours played)

Broken maps

Many players also complained about broken maps. For example, maps are sometimes completely empty. There are no region names, no quest icons, no nothing.

New World won’t close upon Exit

Steam users complained New World is still running after they exit the game. It doesn’t matter if they use the Exit option or press ALT and F4, Steam says the game is still running in the background.

Additional New World known issues

Amazon already acknowledged a long list of issues affecting players after the official New World launch.

This list of known bugs includes:

  • “Player can fail to connect to existing character when reconnecting before quiescence
  • The game screen blacks out during Darkness events in rainy areas
  • Wacky audio volumes intermittently happening
  • Player can sometime lose their face after teleporting
  • Teleporting causes Twitch Tags to stop working”

Have you experienced other New World issues apart from those already listed in this post? Tell me more about your experience in the comments below.


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